Popular Halloween Costumes for Kids 2023

popular halloween costumes for kids
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As the leaves start turning red, orange, and yellow, kids are going to be looking for the perfect Halloween costume to trick-or-treat with. Check out our list of twenty popular Halloween costumes for kids that will impress their friends and leave them with a bag full of candy at the end of the night. 

These costumes were chosen for 2023’s list because of their popularity both in pop culture and in shows that children love. Curated both from Halloween costume websites and new shows and movies that have come out within the last couple of years, kids will be able to find the best costume that everyone will still recognize.

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20. Bowser

popular halloween costumes for kids

“Peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches…” If you want to dive into the persona of Jack Black from the recent Super Mario Bros Movie in 2023, try out a Bowser costume. The direct enemy of Mario, breathe fire into this Halloween with your scary costume. 

19. Mirabel Madrigal 

mirabel madrigal

Encanto was a huge hit in 2021, portraying just how amazing a family could be together. Though it’s been two years since the premiere, this is still a great costume for little girls who want to find their own special place in the world. 

18. Halloween Skeleton Mask & Gloves

kids halloween costumes

For boys or girls who aren’t super into dressing up, try out the skeleton light-up mask and gloves. Choose from several different color combinations and either wear your own clothes or create a persona to go with your haunting skeleton mask. 

17. Ariel


Another 2023 movie that has caught the attention of little girls is The Little Mermaid live action remake. This was not only great to see a live action underwater Disney princess, but to see Halle Bailey playing her was even more amazing. Dress up as the main character Ariel, and have a swimmingly good time finding candy. 

16. Freddy Fazbear

kids costumes

Premiering right around Halloween 2023 is the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie, making Freddy Fazbear a popular Halloween costume choice this year. Of course, you could dress up as the other characters, but there is something about Freddy that gives everyone the chills. 

15. Wednesday Addams

wednesday addams costume

Turn into one of the world’s creepiest teens from the Addams family with this costume. With the Netflix series Wednesday coming out last year, 2023 is still full of the Addams family. Either dress in her school uniform or take a spin in Wednesday’s gown from the dance. 

14. Ghostbuster


“I ain’t afraid of no ghost.” If you feel the same way, grab a tan jumpsuit and particle thrower and join the Ghostbusters crew. With four movies focused around supernatural crime fighters, this costume is a timeless classic. 

13. Enid Sinclair

enid sinclair

If you want to become Wednesday’s best friend and werewolf, try on Enid Sinclair’s costume. Even though she is colorful and happy, Enid is the perfect friend to balance out Wednesday’s peculiarities. This would be a perfect group costume with your best friend. 

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12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

halloween costumes for kids

With a new animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film coming out in 2023, these costumes once again jump to the forefront of pop culture. Dress up as either Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, or Michaelangelo and explore the streets as crime-fighting turtles. 

11. Barbie

barbie costume

Margot Robbie’s amazing performance of the beloved doll Barbie will only increase the amount of pink for Halloween 2023. Try on Barbie’s plaid dress or other signature looks and see if you can find any Kens walking around. 

10. Huggy Wuggy

popular halloween costumes for kids

Taken from the game Poppy Playtime, Huggy Wuggy is a tall skinny creature covered in bright blue fur with a mouth full of sharp teeth. If you enjoy this game or want to be scary this Halloween, check out this creepy costume. 

9. Miraculous Ladybug

ladybug costume

In addition to the television series, 2023 graced us with Ladybug and Cat Noir: The Movie. Become one half of the crime fighting duo as Ladybug with her signature yo-yo and spotted costume. 

8. Mario


“It’s a me, Mario.” If one of your friends decided to become the villain Bowser, then dress up as Mario in order to save Princess Peach. The Mario Movie brought parents and kids together, and you can do the same for Halloween. 

7. Corpse Bride

halloween costumes for kids

Even though The Corpse Bride came out in 2005, this Tim Burton stop-motion musical is still a huge part of Halloween. Dress up as Emily and become a corpse bride for the night, complete with an elegant dress and veil. 

6. Fall Guys

fall guys inflatable costume

A popular multiplayer video game, Fall Guys has several different levels to pass with characters that are all shaped like beans. Design your own character in game, and then grab a costume and head out to trick-or-treat. 

5. Harry Potter

harry potter

Every year, there is at least one person donned in a black cloak with the Hogwarts crest stitched into the fabric. Harry Potter has always been a huge phenomenon, and has only gotten larger with the movie series and the announcement of a television series as well. 

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4. Fortnite Peely

fortnite costume

Fortnite is another gaming platform that allows players to choose unique avatar outfits to play with. One of these is a banana called Peely. This costume is a fun way to show your interest in Fortnite, while having a unique costume that no one has seen before. 

3. Jack Skellington

jack skellington

The Nightmare Before Christmas may have a Santa Claus in it, but it truly is a Halloween movie. Who better than to dress up as Jack Skellington himself? There are both girls and boys costumes for Jack Skellington, so everyone has the chance to become this beloved skeleton. 

2. Spiderman

spiderman costume

We wouldn’t have a 2023 Halloween costume list without at least one Marvel superhero. Spiderman has been around for decades, being the friendly neighborhood spider fighting crime and joining the Avengers. Try your luck at picking out the bad guys during this Halloween!

1. Avatar Popular Halloween Costumes for Kids

halloween costumes

One of the biggest movies to come out in 2022, Avatar: Way of Water has reawakened the world of Pandora to fans. Become an Avatar yourself in this costume, which comes in both girls and boys styles.

Halloween is not only a time to get lots of candy, but a way to show your interests and become a different person for a day. Although these are not all of the popular Halloween costumes for kids in 2023, this is a great start to find your perfect fit. 

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