Outdoor Travel: The Ultimate Guide to the Gear Your Family Needs

If your family is camping, visiting national parks, or spending time in the great outdoors, then you are going to need the best outdoor travel gear that there is to offer.

It’s important to be informed and prepared when packing for the outdoors because it can keep your family safe and happy. Camping shouldn’t mean roughing it, so here are the items you should absolutely buy:

1. Eno

Eno hammock for outdoor travel
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An Eno hammock is an absolute must-have for campers. This isn’t an ordinary hammock. It’s a super hammock that you ideally tie up to a tree in the woods. The Eno is made out of a super sturdy material that will never break. You can easily secure the hammock to trees, posts, or even a wall. This is great for camping and outdoor travel because you can protect yourself high up in a tree without worrying about falling.

The Eno is lightweight and can be carried in a backpack case. This provides for an easy transportation of your family’s sleeping materials. The brand makes hammocks that fit two people in addition to single users. If you’re really looking to prepare, you can also purchase Eno sets. These come with a rain protector that lies on top of the hammock and even a bug protection siding. 

This Eno is way easier to carry, set up, and use than a tent when camping. They aren’t even very expensive, starting at around $70 for a two-person hammock. Eno has really good sales from time to time, so keep an eye out for those before you get your camping gear. 

2. Portable Charger

portable charger for outdoor travel
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For safety and convenience purposes, it is important to have some if not all of your family members carry a portable phone charger. These come in all different varieties, but even some of the cheapest ones work well. The idea behind these when camping is to keep you connected in case of emergencies.

Most of them require charging in an outlet before you travel outdoors. This is easy to do for a few hours before your departure. A small portable charger usually provides another full phone battery charge. However, there are bigger ones that can charge phones 100% several times

All you need to bring with you is a chord that plugs into the portable charger. This usually has a USB port at one end and a port to plug in your phone at the other end. It’s really easy to use and can make you reachable while in the woods.

3. Travel Umbrella

Outdoor Travel: The Ultimate Guide to the Gear Your Family Needs
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While this might seem like an obvious item to pack, everyone forgets an umbrella every once in a while. This isn’t the time to do it, though, because outdoor travel can quickly become rainy and wet. 

One of the best umbrellas to bring is the Repel Travel Umbrella. It’s windproof, waterproof, and lightweight. It will not take up too much space in your outdoor travel bags, but that does not mean it then sacrifices it’s quality.

It has a automatic open and close movement, which can help protect you in a spur of the moment rain storm. Not to mention that it comes with a lifetime warranty at only $23. This is a must pack item for your next outdoor trip. 

4. Sea to Summit Dry Bags

Sea to Summit Dry Bags for outdoor travel
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Depending on your type of trip, Sea to Summit Dry Bags could really come in handy. These backs are designed to help you pack properly for outdoor travel. They come in sizes anywhere from 1 liter-35 liters in order to help you store clothes, food, and more.

The best part about these “dry bags” is that they do just that—stay dry. The bag’s material is completely waterproof, which can protect the rest of your items in all types of weather conditions. 

Whether you buy a bunch or just a few, you’ll be glad to have something keeping your food dry and clean. 

5. Lug travel bag

Lug bag for outdoor travel
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If you mainly use the Sea to Summit dry bags to store food, then there is another great travel bag to consider buying. The company, Lug, has great outdoor travel supplies. They make bags that are specially designed for travel purposes. 

For example, each bag, whether it’s an overnight bag, cross body, or backpack, comes with pockets that are designated for certain items. This makes it really easy to pack everything you could possibly need. It also naturally organizes everything you bring, so if you need to grab something in a pinch, you can.

These bags are made of a really lightweight material as well. Some bags feature pockets for shoes, phones, water bottles, protected RFID smart cards, and more. Whether you’re going camping, or doing a less involved excursion outdoors, these bags give you tons of room in a small bag to pack your necessities. If you really want to be prepared, you can even put your lug bag of clothes and necessities in a Sea to Summit dry bag to protect it from the outdoors. 

Family Friendly Outdoor Travel

Overall, your family needs to prepare for all types of weather conditions because outdoor travel can be dangerous without the right gear. Camping requires sleeping, protective, and storage materials. 

All five of these must-haves are necessary to keep you safe and make your trip outdoors as enjoyable as possible. The only thing left to do is buy some food, pack some clothes, and pick a place to see nature at its best

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