10 Must-Have Gadgets for Summer Vacation

Cool Gadgets for a vacation
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Vacations are all about kicking back and doing what you and your family enjoy. And sometimes, the best way to do that is with a collection of cool gadgets.

However, when you go to make your vacation shopping list, you might not think of “must-have gadgets” right away. Most people don’t want to take gadgets with them, whether it be because of space in luggage, or carrying them everywhere while out and about. Yet, when you look at this list of must-have gadgets for summer vacation, you may think twice. These items will make your life so much easier and add a fun flare on many vacation activities.

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10. Diving Mask With Built-In Camera, $50

If you’re planning to go diving, goggles with a built-in camera are a must-have gadget. The last thing you want while experiencing the beauty underwater is to not capture a magic moment because you didn’t have a camera on hand.

Not only do the goggles deliver great image quality, whether taking a still photo or recording a video, but they’re also super simple to use – using only two buttons to control the camera.

You can pick up a Liquid Image Diving Mask from eBay for around $50.

9. Wearable Sand Hand Diggers, $4-20

10 Must-Have Gadgets for Summer Vacation
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This quirky toy for kids is perfect for a family beach getaway. These diggers are worn like gloves and make quick work of digging holes in the sand. For any parent who has spent considerable time digging holes at the beach, you know how much of a priority this must-have gadget really is. Less time digging means more time chilling.

With simple grips and durable plastic, your hands are turned into powerful shovels. They come in a variety of sizes so it doesn’t matter the age of your kids – just make sure they’re big enough for your hands.

Find out more about this gadget on TrendHunter, but we found similar options on Amazon for as little as $4 per digger.

8. Solar Oven Sun Cooker, $279

10 Must-Have Gadgets for Summer Vacation
(Photo: Amazon.com)

The Sun Cooker might have been made for survivalists and lightweight camping aficionados, yet it’s the perfect way to have a meal on the road without clunky grills, gas bottles, and pots. The Sun Cooker is extremely light and portable. With its tube shape and smart tech, you can easily cook a complete meal – even on a cloudy day. It features a stainless steel tray and a set of mirrors that concentrate the sun rays on the tray and cook your meal. It’s so smart and fun to have on hand.

Find out more about this Sun Cooker on Amazon.

7. Foldable Travel Iron, $18

10 Must-Have Gadgets for Summer Vacation
(Credit: Amazon)

Looking good on your vacation is important. So a small, lightweight, foldable travel iron could be considered essential to some. No one wants to rely on a hotel’s iron, nor do they want something clunky in luggage that could break or increase costs. So, if you need to look your best during a vacation, this is one of the gadgets for summer vacation you need. And the best is, it is so small and user-friendly, you can literally iron anywhere.

Find out more about this Foldable Travel Iron on Amazon.

6. The Beach Vault, $42

10 Must-Have Gadgets for Summer Vacation
(Credit: Amazon)

When sun-bathing, the usual routine is to hide your belongings in the sand underneath your beach towel. And the Beach Vault is a continuation of that idea.

It is a container, you screw into the sand. It comes complete with a big rope handle so it is easy to spot as you pick up your towel and this model is big enough to hold drinks – not sure why you would want to bury them though. We recommend a smaller model if you’re not taking a big family to the beach.

Plus, it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker! Find out more about the Beach Vault on Groupon.

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5. Surf Sheet Sand-Proof Beach Blanket, $50

10 Must-Have Gadgets for Summer Vacation

No one likes getting sand everywhere when at the beach. The Surf Sheet is made with a unique design to help you stay sand-free when you go to the beach. It comes with four sandbags that you can anchor anywhere on your sheet, so it won’t move in in the wind.

Everything comes in a portable carry pouch, making it easy to carry. You place heavy objects at each corner or use the sandbags to fill up with sand and close it to hold each corner up. It is an excellent way for you and your family to stay sand free when you want to eat or sunbathe. 

Find out more about the Surf Sheet Sandproof Beach Blanket on Amazon. 

4. Cooling Towel, $18

10 Must-Have Gadgets for Summer Vacation
(Credit: Amazon)

These cooling towels will be a lifesaver if you work, run, or work out outside. Not to mention, they can save you from getting overheated after a long day at the beach. 

All you do is soak the towel in cool water, wring it out, and then place it around your neck, and you will feel your body temperature start to cool down. They come in four packs, and you can get them in various colors. The great thing is that the towel stays chilled for up to 3 hours, so at least you will feel cool for longer than just ten minutes.  

Find out more about this cooling towel on Amazon. 

3. Portable Handheld Fan, $15

10 Must-Have Gadgets for Summer Vacation
(Credit: Amazon)

Summer is approaching fast, and it is already getting hot outside. You got to stay nice and cool somehow in order to enjoy the most time in the sun. This portable handheld fan will be a lifesaver when you are at the park or spending the day on the beach with your family. It can last between 14 to 21 hours, depending on the speed you use it at. It folds up, making it easy to carry around. 

Find out more about portable handheld fan on Amazon. 

2. Pop -Up Mesh Food Covers, $14

10 Must-Have Gadgets for Summer Vacation
(Credit: Amazon)

During summer vacation, many families like to do cookouts, especially when you’re renting a house or staying at an Airbnb. One thing no one wants is bugs getting in their food. These pop-up mesh food covers will be a hit at the cookouts. When cooking many hot dogs and hamburgers at a time, it’s not great to leave them out for the bugs while the rest of dinner is being prepared.

You can use these covers to protect the food that is out. You can reuse them for every food outing you have outside and rest assured your food is safe from bugs.

Find out more pop-up mesh food covers on Amazon.  

1. Table with a Cooler, $48

10 Must-Have Gadgets for Summer Vacation
(Credit: Amazon)

If you are out at a picnic, beach, or at a festival during your vacation, this table with a cooler built-in is truly a game changer. You can place a plate of appetizers and open drinks on top with a full cooler of ice and beverages below. The cooler is functional and easy to transport as a two-in-one. You can put ice, cans, and bottles out to keep drinks cold. It’s lightweight, making it easier to carry around because you can fold it up when you are done using it.

Find out more about the table with built-in cooler on Amazon. 

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