Monaco Travel Guide


Monaco, officially named the Principality of Monaco, is the second smallest country in the world. Located in South Western Europe, between France and Italy and on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, it is known for its luxurious casinos and resorts — not to mention its notoriety as a tax haven for the rich and famous. Nightlife isn’t the only thing Monaco has going for it — with its museums, monuments, gardens, shopping, events and spas, there’s no shortage of attractions in this vibrant country.


Restaurant Reviews

Discover a diversity of cuisines at some of the best restaurants in the city. Check out some of what the city has to offer, from fine dining to more casual options.


With all the luxurious resorts and hotels the area has to offer, the difficult part will be choosing which one to book. Let GAYOT’s helpful reviews guide you to the right hotel for your vacation.

Top 10 Casino Hotels Worldwide: Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo

Situated on the Golden Square of Place du Casino, the Hotel de Paris is the most posh place to stay before accessing the flight of steps that will whisk you away to play at some of the best gaming tables in Europe.


A Weekend in Monaco at a 1930s-Inspired Hotel

A weekend is plenty of time to discover this small yet glamorous country sandwiched between France and the Mediterranean Sea. Treat yourself to a stay in one of its best hotels, the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, and enjoy the numerous attractions in this sun-kissed playground for the rich and famous.


Experience the most luxurious amenities at these top spas with offerings such as soothing marine therapies and revitalizing “heat experience” treatments.

Monaco Attractions

One of the most prestigious gatherings of yachts in the world, this Yacht Show is an exhibition of 100 super yachts and 500 companies over a course of three days.

Learn more about Monaco at the official website.