Life Saving Mom Products

Life Saving Mom Products

The reality of today’s COVID-19 pandemic is that many of us are spending more time than ever confined within the walls of our homes.

This has likely introduced some lifestyle changes, whether you are now working from home or you are now homeschooling your children in addition to looking for ways to generate some extra cash.

To make your life a little bit easier, we put together a list of game-changing products for moms out there.

Make Your Life Easier with Meal Planning!

Whether you choose to subscribe to a meal prep service such as Blue Apron or Hello Fresh or you are using this extra time at home to chef it up, meal planning is going to make your life exponentially easier!

If you’re thinking about meal prepping at home, you can easily take down your grocery trips to once a week with a meal planning notebook, glass containers, and a meal prep super cookbook!

Planning meals on Sunday will save you time and stress, making sure your family is well nourished without you having to sacrifice valuable time.

Become a Member of Amazon Mom!

This is an amazing program that not nearly enough moms know about! The program gives you free two-day shipping as well as special discounts on diapers, baby food, and all of the other essentials.

You can find out more about the program here. They even run promotions from time to time offering 3 months free for new members!

A Standing or Lap Desk To Make Any Room Your Office

As much as we’d love to be able to, we can’t always sneak away to our office to go through that presentation or get those last emails out.

Grabbing an expensive lap desk or standing desk can turn any room into your office, so you don’t have to sacrifice couch time with your kids or your new baby in the nursery.

A standing desk will also bring many health benefits, as we know that sitting in a chair at a desk all day isn’t great for maintaining a healthy weight and good posture.

A laptop stand can also be incredibly helpful, as it’ll help you improve your posture if you’re logging a lot more screen time these days. It also prevents your computer from getting overheated and uncomfortable on your lap!

A Gym Buddy On Your Phone

Being a full-time super mom can mean that there’s less time for you to hit the gym:

Luckily, many amazing studios have moved online, and many are even offering free or reduced-price classes!

Cult favorites include Peloton (free for 90 days), Barry’s Bootcamp (free through Instagram Life), or Nike Training Club (free). Chances are, you can find an app with trainers and workouts that you love, letting you get your sweat on without having to leave the house!

Eliminating travel time to the gym will let you spend extra time with your kids without sacrificing your health.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Investing in a great pair of noise-canceling headphones can save your sanity during those important meetings where your kids seem to be louder than ever.

A noise-canceling pair can help you feel like you’re in the comfort of a private office or library without you having to sacrifice time at home.

All moms deserve our utmost gratitude and respect. Whether you are a mom who is exploring working from home for the first time, or you’ve taken on a new role as a teacher for your children, hopefully, these products can give you some of your valuable time back.

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