Maintaining Healthy Relationships While at Home

couple quarantine

You thought you could never get enough of each other until you reach the point where you’ve had enough of each other. Spending too much time with your husband or wife when you are used to having some time to yourself to get your work completed can be challenging. Here are some ways to keep it happy and maintain healthy relationships while at home.

Pick Your Battles

You’re going to get annoyed and you won’t understand why they do certain little things that bother you. Considering you are already stressed out and out of your norm and routine, you are certainly prone to snapping a little bit. However, before you do, choose that battle. Forty-five minutes into arguing over who let the dog track in mud, are you going to be wishing you never started something over it but you’re already so invested in it and stubborn that there’s no turning back now? Try to think if it is worth it first.

Keep the Circumstances in Mind

You are not “stuck home”, you are home to stay safe. Remember that you and your partner could be at a much greater risk being at the office or in the field interacting with others. You are fortunate enough to be home. Taking a little extra time to remember that this will pass, is not permanent and is in the best interest of you, your loved ones and everyone else can help to minimize being offset by the little annoyances your spouse poses. Change your outlook and use the extra time with your companion to make time for each other, maybe by taking breaks together.

Set Boundaries

On the topic of spending time together, to maintain sanity, set some boundaries as well. Steering clear of bickering and getting on each other’s nerves is important when dealing with these routine changes and stress of the pandemic. Communicating with each other about what your work deadlines may be and what your needs and expectations are while working from home is key. Take some solo time (exercising, reading, showering!) each day to help you appreciate the togetherness. Laying it all out there should help to avoid any butting heads before it happens.

Develop a New Routine-Together

This COVID-19 has left us with an indefinite time period of quarantine and potentially working from home and it can mess with your head. Your normal routine is currently a thing of the past and this may make it difficult to maintain normalcy.  Take a 2pm walk, eat lunch together at a table away from work, watch a Netflix show at 8pm whatever suits your interests and responsibilities. Starting a new routine with your spouse will help to calm nerves while allowing something to bond over.


Opening up communication, possibly a little extra than normal, can aid in maintaining a peaceful home-quarantine environment. Asking each other about their needs, triggers, work day, pretty much anything will provide positive results. Being together all day can become tricky, but also can be a positive and explorative learning experience as well.

COVID-19 is stressful enough as it is, don’t add to the anxiety of it by alienating your husband or wife. Having a quarantine partner is a blessing and as long as you are both able to work together to be a little more open, understanding and forgiving. Maintaining a healthy marriage during these unprecedented times should only make you stronger.

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