How to Organize Kids’ Toys: 5 Organizing Games Perfect for Kids

How to Organize Kids’ Toys: 5 Organizing Games Perfect for Kids
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Looking at a messy playroom or living room? You might think it is impossible for your house to be organized with young kids playing all around you. But, it isn’t as impossible as you think it is. With a little creativity and determination, you can learn how to organize kids’ toys in your home and make it into a game so that they help you. When it comes to clean up time or even other chores, it is helpful to use games and a positive attitude to encourage your kids to help clean up.

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How to organize kids’ toys?

If you are trying to organize your play room, there are plenty of things to try.  A great way to organize your kids’ toys is to have toy bins and other organizer boxes, shelves, etc. You can keep them in toy bins in the living room. That way, your kids will learn where the toys live and everyone can do their part to keep them neatly packed away when not in use.

Shelves vs Toy Box

Shelves Toy Box 
– Provide more order 
– Clean up easier for child
– Visually more appealing 
– Accessibility the kids can access it easily without having to dig for things in the box
– Difficult to find certain toys in a box
– Keeps all the toys in one place
-Toys will be hidden from sight unless you open it, so keeps the room looking neat

How can I organize toys without a playroom?

how to organize kids' toys: storage bins
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If you don’t have a playroom and want to keep the toys organized, you can absolutely get the job done with a little extra creativity. One idea is a closet near the living room. When your kids are young, you can turn this into a toy closet. That way, they can take out what they want when it’s play time, but it is hidden away from sight.

Alternatively, if you keep their toys in their room, you can try this toy organizer from Amazon. You can keep all small, hand-held toys in these bins, which still keep the toys grouped together and out of the way. However, your kids will enjoy having this in their room because they can wake up and see their toys.

Where to start with toy organization?

  1. Measure the area where you want to put the organization toy bins.
  2. Shop around for toy bins and find the best one that fits your needs.
  3. Order your choices or pick them up from a local store.
  4. Have your kids help put it together and place their toys inside.

How to get your kids to organize their toys

Getting your kids to put toys away can be challenging because they see it as working instead of playing. Make the clean-up process more fun and exciting for them. That way, it doesn’t seem boring, and they know to help when it’s time to put their toys away. You can have them organize their toys by color, size, and type of toy itself. Have them pick up all toys by color, place them in one bin, and then keep going down the line. 

Organizing Games Perfect for Kids

How to organize kids' toys and make it a game

5. The Vanishing Game 

The game’s objective is for all the toys to vanish and be put away before a specific time. If dinner is approaching, you can tell your kids it’s time to play the vanishing game, making sure their toys are in bins before you return to the room to check on them. They never know when you will be back, so they have to act quickly and make sure the toys are vanished and off the floor.

4. Scavenger Hunt 

Asking kids to organize their toys can be brutal as a parents because they will rarely want to clean up and can have trouble focusing on a project for an extended period of time. A scavenger hunt is an excellent way for them to find the toys you want them to put away, making it all the more fun. For example, you can tell them to find all the cars first or the dolls and doll’s clothes and then put them away. You can tell them it’s a scavenger hunt, and they have to collect all the toys to win the game. 

3. Pack Attack 

A pack attack game is when you pack away as many items as you can in one bin and count along the way. If you have two or more kids, this is a great way to motivate them to organize and help you because they will want to win the game. Whoever gets the most toys in one bin wins. There doesn’t have to be a prize or anything unless you want to, but it motivates the kids to try and beat the other siblings next time during clean up. 

2. Beat the Clock 

You can set a timer and have them organize their toys away before the timer goes off. This is fun for kids because it instantly becomes a race. Plus, it helps them get some energy out. If they are doing well, you can even sweeten the deal by telling them they can win a prize. You can let them know that it won’t happen all the time, but now and then, you can offer something to get them to organize their toys faster. 

1. Clean up with Music  

Playing their favorite music will get them pumped to clean up. You can even make it fun by playing a music game. When you stop the song, they have to freeze, and when the music plays again, they must clean up as much as they can before it stops. It’s like freeze dance but adding a twist as they clean up a long the way.

How does toy rotation work?

If your kid has tons of toys and there isn’t enough room for them in their bedroom or living room, then you can try rotating them out every few months. This is great because your child won’t even realize half of their toys are put away. But, when they get bored of their current toys, you can do a swap and they will think that they just got all new things to play with. They probably forgot they had them, so it is a happy surprise for everyone involved. We suggest rotating toys out between their birthday and holidays. We also advocate for donating toys if they are getting too big for them.

How to help kids play with their toys

how to organize kids' toys and play with them
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Some kids don’t want to play with certain toys because it isn’t exciting or interesting. Half the time, they are overwhelmed because there are so many to choose from. Once again, we recommend putting some away for a toy rotation. That way, they aren’t overstimulated with all the toys they have. Additionally, if you sit and play with them when they don’t know what to do with the toy, this can be a great bonding and learning experience. Show them all the fun ideas you can come up with for that particular toy and it might spark a new interest.

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Why does toy organization matter?

Toy organization makes you and your home feel better because less clutter leads to less stress, dirt, and chores to do at the end of the day. Having a place for everything to be stored, especially toys, helps your child learn routine and responsibility. It also keeps you from stepping on toys in the middle of the night or early in the morning. When the house is put together, it helps everyone in the family. Plus, it provides an opportunity for children to learn how to organize kids’ toys and other items around the house. Keeping chores fun is a great way to avoid dread around those same topics later on.

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