How Often You Should Take Out Your Garbage

How Often Should You Take Out Your Garbage?
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If you have ever wondered how often you should take out your garbage, then look no further. While we all know that you should probably take the trash out whenever it is full, there is more to it. Mainly, this is because you want to keep your garbage from attracting bugs and files when throwing things away, especially food. 

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Why is it important to empty your trash regularly?

It is important to empty your trash regularly to keep a clean environment. It ensures the safety of everyone, the people, children, and animals that live in your home. Trash Cans Depot talks about why it is so important to empty your trash regularly. You want to ensure the animals and little ones don’t go digging through the garbage and eat something they are not supposed to.

What’s the longest you should go before taking out the kitchen trash?

How often you should take out your garbage
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The longest you should go before taking the kitchen trash is three days. You might not be smelling anything, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a smell that is happening that you can’t detect. As a result, the trash might start to grow bacteria or you might attract rodents or bugs.

How to clean your trash can? 

Step 1: Empty your kitchen trash can. 

Step 2: Rinse it out using water and soap to clean it well inside and out.

Step 3: Dry the trash thoroughly with a rag so that mold does not begin to grow. 

Step 4: Place a new trash bag back in your trash can.

How often must you take out the garbage?

You should take out the garbage regularly at the end of the day, especially if raw meat, fish, or decaying fruit is inside the trash can. You can wait until three days if there isn’t a lot of food inside, but keep an eye out for odors.

How often must you take out the garbage when dealing with raw foods? 

If you’re wondering how often you should take out your garbage, we suggest more often when it comes to raw foods. In fact, raw foods should be handled separately and carefully. If you are dealing with raw food, we suggest throwing it in a separate plastic bag, tying it, and throwing it in the garbage bin outside your home. If you live in an apartment, we suggest taking it to the dumpster to avoid throwing it in your home trash can. Always be sure to wash your hands after you are done handling raw foods. 

What are the 5 categories of garbage?

How Often You Should Take Out Your Garbage
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There are five types of waste and each one is different based on how you should remove it. When it comes to certain types of waste, you should have them removed as specified below because it is for your safety. 

5. Liquid Waste includes dirty water, wash water, organic liquids, and sometimes rainwater. The simple way of disposing of liquid waste is down the drain unless cooking oil is included. That should solidify and get put in the trash separately.

4. Solids include newspaper, cardboard, cups, plates, glass bottles, containers, jars, and bottles.  This waste would get thrown in the trash or recycling depending on your area. There is no special way to dispose of this type of garbage.

3. Organic Waste includes food and garden waste. Disposing it appropriately means throwing it in the dumpster or garbage bin outside your home. It will get broken down over time, but it will start to smell and attract bugs.  

2. Recyclables include waste like glass, metal, plastic bottles, cardboard, aluminum, steel, and tin cans. You would dispose of this waste by recycling the products through your county recycling pick-up.

1. Hazardous Waste includes toxic, flammable, corrosive, or reactive. This type of waste can be harmful to you and the environment. To dispose of it, you must contact 1-800-CLEANUP or visit your local household hazardous waste program website and find the nearest location to drop off your hazardous waste. 

Why is garbage collection important?

Garbage collection must happen because it keeps the streets clean up from waste. Not picking it up regularly by garbage trucks can lead to environmental and marine pollution. This is not good because it can ruin our environment if it isn’t taken to a landfill to break down until it decomposes. This article by Sunrise talks about the importance of collecting waste and protecting our environment, which should never go ignored.

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We hope this helps you understand how often you should take out your garbage. It is better to be safe and take the trash out regularly than to leave it in the trash can when you could end up with negative side effects of rotting foods.

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