How Long Can You Stay on Your Parent’s Health Insurance?

It all depends on where you live and the health insurance plan, but ultimately, you can stay on your parent’s health insurance until you turn 26. You can even stay on if you get married before you turn the age limit. 

Let’s Say You Want to Stay On Your Parent’s Health Insurance After the Age of 26. Can You?

You can apply in eight states to stay on your parent’s health insurance plan beyond the age of 26. Those states are Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. There is no guarantee that you will get approved for it, but applying and seeing what happens can’t hurt. 

Health Insurance Options for 26-Year-Olds

  • Employer – Check with your job and see if they offer health insurance through work. 
  • Medicaid – This is offered to serve low-income individuals who do not make enough monthly to get health insurance. 
  • Marketplace – Offers different plans at various price points. Individuals must usually wait for the annual open enrollment or a special enrollment period to apply. 
  • Private Companies – It can be possible to approach insurance companies directly to purchase individual or family health plans. Just know that it can be more expensive if you go this route. 

What Is the Best Marketplace Health Insurance for 26-Year-Olds?

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Blue Cross Blue Shield is the best marketplace for health insurance a 26-year-old can get. It is available in fifty states, and you can access doctors and hospitals in more than 200 countries. They have a broad provider network that makes in-network care easier. If you are looking to get insurance, we suggest starting with Blue Cross and seeing what they have to offer. 

What Is the Age 29 Health Insurance Rider?

The age-29 health insurance rider is designed to assist young adults who do not have access to employer-sponsored health insurance. It is a law that is referred to as “Age 29” because it permits young adults to continue being on their parent’s policy until they are 29 with coverage. 

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Can You Stay on Your Parent’s Health Insurance Until You Turn 30?

Some states will allow you to stay on your parent’s health insurance until you are 30. You must determine what your state allows and if you can continue with your parents on the same plan. Each state has requirements if you are an adult child over the age of 26 who wants to stay on your parent’s health insurance plan. 

The States That Extend the Insurance Age Limit

The states that allow an extension after the age of 26 when you are on your parent’s health insurance plan are Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

You have to apply for it and see if they approve of the extension there is no guarantee that you will get it. You will have to apply after you turn 26 and it can take time to know if you get approved. You will need to apply during the open enrollment period to have more chances of being approved, but it’s important to be prepared in case this process does not work out.

How Long Can An Adult-Child Stay On Their Parent’s Vision Insurance?

You can generally stay on your parent’s vision insurance until you turn 26, even if you have a job of your own that offers insurance coverage. Sometimes, depending on the state or health insurance plan, you can ask for an extension and stay on until you are 29. In most states, you can only stay on until you are 26. 

How Long Can An Adult-Child Stay On Their Parent’s Dental Insurance?

The short answer is that it depends on the type of insurance your parents have. Some plans allow you to stay on your parent’s dental insurance until you are 26. In other cases, the dental plan will only cover dependents up to the age of 19. It all varies based on the dental insurance plan. You will have to do the research on the dental insurance your parents have to ensure what the age limit is. 

Is Health Insurance Mandatory?

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In the United States, health insurance coverage is not mandatory. Some states will require health insurance coverage because you will avoid a tax penalty. The states that require health insurance coverage are California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Vermont. 

Do Young People Really Need Health Insurance?

Yes, even young people need health insurance. Unexpected illnesses and accidents happen and without insurance, they can be more expensive. It is better to have health insurance to cover anything that can happen, so you aren’t paying more when an unfortunate accident happens and you don’t have any help. Health insurance costs vary, but there are health insurance plans that you can pay for monthly that are affordable. Basic coverage in case of any incident that does occur is oftentimes better than no coverage at all.

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How To Compare Health Insurance Plans

Firstly, you should find out if your employer offers health insurance. If they do not offer insurance, go to your state’s online marketplace or the federal marketplace to find the plan best for you. Four different types of health insurance policies are the most common. 

  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) – Won’t have to pay as much out of pocket, and a doctor will coordinate your care with referrals to see a specialist. 
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) – More options of doctors and no referrals are required, but you will have to pay more out of pocket. 
  • Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) – You will have less freedom on what providers you choose, but it will be lower out-of-pocket costs. No referrals are usually required. 
  • Point of Service Plan (POS) – You will have more provider options and a doctor who will coordinate your care with referrals to see a specialist. It will be more expensive if you go out of pocket. 

How To Get Added to a Parent’s Insurance Plan

  • Your parent can add you to their work insurance during the plan’s yearly open enrollment period or if they have a special enrollment period.
  • Your parent should check with the plan or their job about the details the plan has to offer for your adult children.
  • They will send you your medical cards in the mail and you can get access to the plan if your parents set up an online account.
  • You can stay on your parent’s health insurance until you turn 26, but carefully review the policy as defined by the company.

How to Get Coverage for Adult Children

  •  If your parents apply for a new plan in the marketplace, they can add you to their application.
  •  We suggest you keep track of the open enrollment date so that once your child turns 18, they can quickly get on your health care plan through work or the marketplace.

Can You Have Two Lots of Health Insurance?

Yes, you can have two lots of health insurance. You will have to choose between the two-health types of insurance based on which one will be the primary and which one will be the secondary insurance. You can benefit from having two health insurance if you are married and your own employers provide health insurance. If you are under 26 and your parents are divorced, both parents can list you as a dependent under separate plans. 

We hope this outline prepares you for any decisions you have to make about whether or not you want to stay on your parent’s health insurance. The key takeaway here is to be informed and prepared for accidents in case they do unfortunately happen.