9 Fun Facts About The Dodge Charger

9 Fun Facts About The Dodge Charger

A good muscle car will always stop traffic. A great muscle car, like the Dodge Charger goes beyond being an head-turner – it is iconic. After 54 years on the market, the Dodge brand still dominates big-budget movies, sets trends in automotive technology and amongst celebrities. Plus, if defines muscle cars as a whole.

Here are the top nine fun facts about this beloved car:

It’s A Vin Diesel Favorite

Dodge cars have managed to make an appearance in Hollywood actor Vin Diesel’s social media feed and movies countless times.

For instance, when the wider version of the Charger Hellcat was introduced, it was all over the actors’ Instagram page. Plus, the 2021 release of the ninth edition Fast and Furious will showcase a custom-made Widebody Hellcat.

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Valet Mode

When you have a muscle car with the horsepower of a Dodge Hellcat, you don’t want valets messing with it. So Dodge introduced Valet Mode, which limits the car’s power unless you’re in the driving seat.

Talk about a fun feature to stop others from flooring it. Making sure the Hellcat’s power is yours, and yours alone.

Not An Immediate Success 

The debut of the Dodge Charger in 1966 wasn’t immediately successful. That changed in 1968 with Dodge’s second-generation of cars.

With an initial production of only 35,000 units, the demand hit almost three times the planned figure, reaching a total output of 96,100. Due to the record sales during the second-generation years, auto enthusiasts consider this one of the defining years of the Dodge brand. 

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Hollywood’s Go-To Car

The second-generation of Dodge Chargers led the company to become one of Hollywood’s favorite muscle cars.

With a unique appearance and superior functionality, Dodge Chargers have appeared in movies ranging from the classic Bullit to almost all the Fast and Furious franchise movies. While there were several other famous cars in the film Bullitt that made history, Dodge Chargers were the most influential in the movie industry. 

Dodge’s Focus On Interiors (Wasn’t Always The Case)

It is interesting to note that the earlier Dodge Chargers did not focus much on the appearance of the car’s interiors. While they had their exterior and engines perfectly made, the interiors were not a point of focus.

That changed with the new generation Chargers. With numerous customization, from the steering wheel to spacious seating space, Dodge isn’t leaving any stone unturned. The added option of buying the car with a ventilated front, leather seats, etc., also makes seating much more comfortable. 


The Dodge Charger 500 was never able to dominate the NASCAR arena during the late 1960s. While Dodge tried to be a success, they ultimately failed. However, this car was then turned into the Charger Daytona which is another story (and fun fact #7).

Despite the lack of on-track success, the limited versions of the Charger 500 were popular with collectors. Even today, the car is considered a collector’s item for enthusiasts – and the prices keep going up. 

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The Daytona 

The Dodge Daytona dominated all other vehicles… It was so good that NASCAR officials had to ban it.

The Daytona and Plymouth’s Superbird were considered two cars that could not have been beaten by any other car. The rarity of this made both a must-have for all those car enthusiasts around the world.

If you want to find out the real zest of this car, we suggest you watch Vin Diesels ride in Fast and Furious 6. However, if you can manage to collect a six-figure amount, you can go ahead and buy one too. 

One Of The Only “All-In-Ones”

The Dodge charger is the only American muscle car with four-doors and an all-wheel drive. The all-wheel-drive system is exceptionally advanced. With an active transfer and traction feature, the car can handle pretty much handle anything – even a family – which is surprising for what is essentially a muscle car.

Dodge Do An Eco Mode

Muscle cars are known to continually create a heart-pounding growl and burn gas like the environment doesn’t matter. This changed in 2016 with the Dodge Charger Hellcat’s Eco Mode. While these cars make an impact with speed and looks, the Eco Mode made the biggest impact. Changing the entire muscle car industry. Irrespective of the mixed reviews that it attained from purists. 

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