10 Fun Facts about the Chevrolet Camaro

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With an initial release of 1967, followed by discontinuation in 2002, the Chevrolet Camaro became one of the most popular pony cars of the century.

The return of the Chevy Camaros in 2010 was a year to remember as the cars made their mark and proved their worth as one of the best pony cars worldwide again.

Let us look at the top ten fun facts of one of the best-selling vehicles of several decades:

The Camaro Was Almost A Panther

Before being named the Chevy Camaro, there were high chances of the name being Panther.

This was surprising as most Chevrolet cars have a name that begins with C. Whether you talk about the Corvair, Corvette or the Chevelle, all the Chevy favorites have had monikers from C. Initially, the audience thought that the designers found the name Camaro in a French dictionary and chose it due to its literate translation of “old friend”.

However, when looked upon, this is not the case as the French word for friend is actually “ami”. Although the name was randomly scrambled, Estes claimed that it meant an animal that would eat Mustangs.

That rivalry with the Ford Mustang was another highlight throughout the Chevy Camaro’s history.  

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A Great Big Secret Until Its Release

Unlike several of Chevy Camaro’s competitors, this car was kept under the blanket until its name release in 1966.

There was no public teasing of the car to create a stir amid the audience until the car’s formal launch in Detroit. Including the car’s design and production, everything was kept a secret from the world until the very moment of the release of the car.

This marketing strategy was completely opposite from the biggest competitor Ford Mustang which engaged in several marketing techniques before the launch. 

Chevy Made A Musical Stage Play About Their Car

10 Fun Facts about the Chevrolet Camaro

While Chevrolet did not indulge in any pre-release marketing, they did not leave any stone unturned after the launch of their first car.

In order to completely rule out their primary competitor, the Mustang, Chevy undertook several marketing tricks. The foremost stunt was the creation of a half-hour movie depicting the entire journey of the Camaro.

The next activity in the timeline was a touring musical stage play enacted in 25 cities around the USA and Canada.

The final 1967 strategy was the launch of an entire line of women’s clothing. And well, those who did shop from this collection were automatically registered in the race of winning a free Camaro. These techniques indeed yielded multiple results for the brand. 

A Car For All Movie Genres

10 Fun Facts about the Chevrolet Camaro
Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The movie history of the Chevrolet Camaro is one every car wishes to have. Irrespective of the kind of movie, Chevy Camaro has made appearances, which have left an iconic mark in several films. Whether you talk about Charlie’s Angels’ big-screen comedy or the legendary franchise of Fast and Furious, the Camaro has been a part of them all.

However, the one major movie that led to Camaro making its mark in the industry was the Transformers. The Transformers stands out amid the other 2,500 movies placed in Chevy’s bag due to the significant focus on the car transforming robot in the film. It stands as the highlight of the Camaro movie journey. 

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The Gumball Rally Movie Shoot

The 1976 release of The Gumball Rally deserves a special mention in this list. The comedy-come-racing-movie was loved due to the showcase of illegal cross-country races.

The Custom 1972 Z28 Camaro played a significant role in this movie. During the shoot of this movie, the engine of one Camaro completely blew up. The engine then had to be replaced temporarily with another car which was rented. 

A memorable role indeed.

Released In Detroit (But Not Made There)

Even though the car made its first appearance in Detroit, it was actually not assembled there at all. The car’s first prototype was assembled in Cincinnati, making it the birthplace of this legendary car.

The General Motors Assembly was where most of the construction and assembly of the Chevrolet Camaro was executed. A total of 49 prototypes were created to develop the final assembly line. 

A Big Hit Across Kids Toys

10 Fun Facts about the Chevrolet Camaro

In addition to appearing in several movies and tv shows, the Chevrolet Camaro plays a significant role in the kids’ toy sector.

Just a year after the first car release in 1967, Hot Wheels started making several car versions, beginning right from the Custom Camaro. Next in line was having a Lego Speed Champions version created especially for the Camaro.

After the release of the Transformers, the sales of the toy cars of that version grew exceptionally well due to the popularity among the younger generations. The Camaro SS Couple Is A Cop Car

Contrary to popular belief, there is much more to the Chevy Camaro than one of the best pony. The Camaro SS Coupe is a part of the Middle Eastern Police Force. With the powered engine and rapid acceleration speed, the Dubai Police force found exactly what it needed.

The Deputy Chief Major of the squad himself stated that the Camaro helps maintain the security standards across Dubai. 

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Inspired By Ferrari

10 Fun Facts about the Chevrolet Camaro

The fact that the second-generation Chevy Cameron was inspired by the classic Lusso 250 GT Ferrari made its success guaranteed. Even though several other features of the two cars are significantly different, when these cars are kept next to each other, the body style similarities ought to be seen.

The second-generation of the Chevrolet Camaro was also the longest production run of the car. The start could have been a lucky charm. 

A Secret Package Option In 1967

Who knew that one of the most favorite muscle cars, the 1967 Z28, would have a secret package option during those times? In order to participate in Trans Am racing manufacturers were required to have a street version of the cars.

This secret car would only be factory-made if you were aware of which sequence of options to follow, which would trigger this special car’s construction. As many people were not aware of this kind, only 602 models of the RPO Z28 Chevrolet Camaro were built and sold (slightly below the 1000 sales required for Trans Am racing). 

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