10 Fun Facts About The Cadillac

10 Fun Facts About The Cadillac

Whether we talk about style, class, or comfort, the Cadillac has been a pioneer in the history of cars through the years. After a run of over a century, one of the first automobile companies in the United States leaves no stone unturned, even today, in the arenas of performance and style.

From being the owner of several “firsts” to being the most wanted cars, let us look at some of this legendary cars most fun facts:

The American Brand With A French Name

Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, the man behind the foundation of Detroit City, paved his way into being remembered for centuries later by having a luxury car named after him.

Said to be the ancestor of one of the founding members of the car brand, Henry Leland played a significant role in naming the car. While Antoine was Leland’s ancestor, William Murphy and Lemuel Bowen had no issue over naming the brand after the explorer of Fort Detroit.  The early Cadillac emblem included the coat of arms of Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac

The All-In-One 

10 Fun Facts About The Cadillac
Image Credit: GM Heritage Center

We often find a mini-bar in luxury hotel rooms. However, have you ever seen a mini-bar inside a car? The 1957 Eldorado Brougham was a royal car wherein a glass of whiskey and wine complemented the exceptional journey. Placed inside the car’s glove box, a bottle of champagne or whiskey would come as a complimentary gift with the car.

Even though this feature was not continued through the years, the Frank Sinatra car did receive a short span of media attention through its run. In addition to the drinks, the grooming area with a comb, an atomizer for the atmosphere, and a cigarette case for, well, cigarettes, made the car a mini-home. 

3. A Protector In All Times

10 Fun Facts About The Cadillac

Whether you talk about being the shield for gangsters, allied forces, or the president of the USA, the Cadillac has witnessed it all. General Dwight D. Eisenhower had a knack for Cadillacs throughout his journey in the army and as a USA president.

Unfortunately, the car was later declared as a surplus by the Defense Department. It was only for it to be bought by a group of friends of the president who later changed the car’s entire appearance to gift it back to the president himself. 

4. The First Presidential Limo

10 Fun Facts About The Cadillac

While the possibility of a gangster’s car being used as the next presidential limo is scarce, it became a reality with Al Capone’s Cadillac.

Capone, the notorious gangster, owned a Cadillac, which he restructured with additional armor to protect himself during attacks with rival gangs.

After his transfer to the Alcatraz prison, the treasury department held his vehicle. And when Pearl Harbour was attacked, this treasure was removed from the storages to securely move the present Franklin D. Roosevelt for his speech at the Congress. 

5. The Legend Of Firsts 

10 Fun Facts About The Cadillac

Being one of the first car companies in the USA, it started a trend of firsts. Whether we talk about the first enclosed cabins in 1910 or the first ones to incorporate a Safety Alert Seat, which vibrates as a warning for crash mitigation, the Cadillac has a list of milestones under its bag.

One of the most significant and legendary changes that Cadillac brought into the automobile industry was the Electric Starter in 1912. While olden cars used to crank several times before starting, Leland got the electric starter into the industry after witnessing a friend’s death due to the cranking. It was a game-changer for the entire industry. 

6. Incorporating Themes

While most car brands are busy focusing only on their car parts, the Cadillac decides on themes every few years, displaying its primary goals in terms of styling and performance.

With their 21st century theme of “Art and Science”, the brand aims to articulate the finest arts of mechanism while focusing on the science behind the machines’ performance. These themes ensure giving the audience a perfect blend of luxury, performance, and speed. 

7. The Dewar Trophy 

Known as one of the most prestigious trophies in the car industry, the Cadillac has been a recipient of this award, thanks to the utmost engineering precision seen in their cars. When a company has a slogan of “The Standard of the World,” which reflects its engineering standards, you know there cannot be any compromise in this aspect.

When his engineers disassembled all the parts of three different cars and had judges shuffle them up thoroughly, the smooth run of all of them with mixed pieces after three days proved the company’s standards. A legacy that started years ago is flourishing even today. 

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8. Movies And Shows 

With a brand this old, it would be impossible to keep it away from the movie and TV industry. From movies like Smokey and Bandit in 1977 to Oceans Eight in 2018, the Cadillacs have been fairly popular amid the mobster group of films through its journey.

There are countless TV shows that have featured Cadillac’s, including the classic Italian mobster show “The Sopranos” and the mysterious “Stranger Things” on Netflix.

9. Own Tourist Destination 

How often do you find a car brand that has its own tourist spot? The Cadillac has its own tourist destination known as the Cadillac Ranch, located in a secluded area in Amarillo, Texas, since 1974.

Ten different Caddies were driven and buried on the ground with their nose down. The “Ant Farm” artist covered the vehicles with indifferent colors, drawings, and slogans.

Today, it is hard to even recognize these cars as Cadillacs of once upon a time. 

10. Own Dictionary Meaning 

As surprising as it may sound, the brand name has paved its way into the dictionary. With two entries for the word Cadillac, the first one, of course, talks about the most luxurious and prestigious car of General Motors.

However, the second meaning says that Cadillac means “something, which is an outstanding example of its kind”. Indeed, the brand does justice to its name. 

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