10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Amazon Under $100

It seems like every time we blink, it is a new month and a new holiday. Now it is time to come up with Father’s Day gift ideas before it’s suddenly June. We found ten excellent ideas from Amazon that are all under $100. Sometimes you can’t always afford extravagant gifts and these ideas will be perfect for the father in your life. We provide a variety of prices, so you could either buy a few items together or just one this year.

10. Dad Jokes Book, $6

father's day gift ideas from Amazon under $100: dad jokes book
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This Dad Jokes Book is an excellent gift if your dad loves telling jokes. He will have over six hundred good, bad, and terrible jokes to try out. It is perfect if your dad often says “dad jokes” that make everyone roll their eyes. On Father’s Day, it’s important to encourage him and agree that he is funny, but could use a little help. Reviewers have stated that it was one of their most successful Father’s Day gift ideas because it made everyone laugh.

9.  Dad Mug, $17 – $25

father's day gift ideas from Amazon under $100: dad mug
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The Dad Mug from Amazon is a simple and an excellent gift for younger kids to give their father. This hilarious design plays off of the nutritional information we see on our everyday snacks. “0% wrong answers” will go over well in this present. Who doesn’t need an extra coffee mug lying around? It will become dad’s favorite when having his morning coffee. Reviewers have stated that the mug is made of good quality and can hold a decent sized cup of coffee.

8.  Wooden Handle Tool Set, $23

father's day gift ideas from Amazon under $100: wooden grill set
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The Wooden Handle Tool Set is perfect if your dad is always trying to find an excuse to grill. This cooking tool set comes with twelve different tools. You can expect a spatula, cleaning brush, tongs, four stainless skewers, and four corn cob holders. Reviewers have stated it is a great gift to give a dad, especially since Father’s Day is in the summer. He will use them as much as he can before the weather doesn’t allow him to. 

7.  WellMall Tool Storage Organizer Holder, $30 

father's day gift ideas from Amazon under $100: tool storage holder
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Next up, we have the WellMall Tool Storage Organizer Holder that helps keep your dad’s tools a little bit neater. Since dads tend to have many tools, this organizer is a must have and it will clean up and organize your garage in no time. It is heavy-duty, so you won’t have to worry about it falling to the ground. Reviewers said it is convenient and functional when looking for specific tools. 

6.  Survival Gear and Equipment kit, $47

father's day gift ideas from Amazon under $100: survival gear kit
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The Survival Gear and Equipment Kit will go over well if your dad likes the outdoors. This kit comes with high-quality tactical gear, so you can expect it to work wonders and it will not break after the first use. Reviewers have stated that they love that it comes with a storage case and a waterproof bag in case it rains when you are outside. It could even be a fun way to tell your dad that you’d like to go camping with him for Father’s Day this year.

5. Philips Norelco Multigroomer, $54.50 

father's day gift ideas from Amazon under $100: multigroomer
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The Philips Norelco Multigroomer set could be one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas if your dad has been using the same shaver for what seems like forever. It is time to gift him a new groomer kit. It comes with twenty-three pieces that can be used on the beard, head, or body. Reviewers have stated the Multigroomer did a good job of trimming and shaving. With all the pieces in this set, you can’t imagine not having one you were looking for.

4. DAD’s Dream Team Personalized Gift, $50 – $90

father's day gift ideas from Amazon under $100: Dad's personalized dream team
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The DAD’s Dream Team Personalized Gift is a cute gift for Dad because it has a sentimental flair. You can put all the names of his kids on team jerseys with the date of their birthday. It’s a cool way to represent the family and show him the “dream team.” This gift might even make him shed a few tears.

3. Etekcity Cordless Neck and Back Massager, $65

father's day gift ideas from Amazon under $100: neck massager
Credit – amazon.com

The Etekcity Cordless Neck and Back Massager is in our top 3 gifts because we know dads work hard, and they could use something to relax. This neck and back massager is a great gift because the minute he puts it on, his stress will disappear. Reviewers have stated that their dad loved it, and it was able to help with any problems and tension they had in their neck and back after a hard workday. 

2. Secrid Cardslide Wallet, $74 

father's day gift ideas from Amazon under $100: wallet
Credit – amazon.com

The Secrid Cardslide Wallet is a card protector that stops hackers from trying to get your card information. It is a nice size, too, so it fits perfectly in your dad’s pocket. The card has two compartments, one where you can put your cards and another place to put cash. Reviewers have stated that it is a great wallet. It is well put together and doesn’t diminish in quality after using it on trips. What dad doesn’t love a practical and small gift?

1. ArtPix 3D Crystal Photo, $90 

father's day gift ideas from Amazon under $100: crystal photo frame
Credit – amazon.com

Lastly, our top Father’s Day gift ideas culminates with this ArtPix 3D Crystal Photo from Amazon. It is a very personal to gift to your father because he can put it on his desk at work or his home office. You can put a family picture on this crystal that will remind him of a happy time with you or your whole family. Reviewers have stated that it is of excellent quality and it is a unique gift to give. 

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We hope these Father’s Day gifts help you give something special to your dad this Father’s Day. The best part is that they are all under $100 on Amazon. These gifts are unique, so the father figure in your life will love them. After all, the thought came from you regardless of how much you spent, which is what truly matters on Father’s Day.

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