Dog owners often face the issue of allocating some space in the yard for their dogs:

While, of course, the entire house belongs to a beloved pet, many pet owners often design a small space that gives their dog a place of their own without worrying about causing any damage to property:

A dog friendly backyard doesn’t have to be super expensive. Here are some dog friendly backyard ideas on a budget.

1. Avoid Having Expensive Plants

When you have a dog, it’s not the greatest of ideas to have expensive plants in your backyard. Do not spend a ton of money on buying costly dog-friendly plants. Dog friendly plants can be anything from cilantro to sage to sunflowers.

However, make sure that you check which plants are toxic to dogs. Many non-toxic plants are perfect for dogs. These plants are easy to grow and challenging to kill. And they are very affordable.

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2. Get Rid Of The Grass

Dogs have a natural tendency to dig. They are going to pee and run around the backyard. No matter what type of grass you have, it cannot escape being damaged by your dog.

There are some blends of grass like the Kentucky Bluegrass that are more durable than others and stay tough for a longer time. These blends are also more affordable than others. Otherwise, clover is an excellent idea as it’s safe for dogs and requires less fertilizer and water.

When it comes to ground cover for dogs, though, you can even opt for mulch or stones. For example, cedar mulch is a natural bug repellent, and it even smells nice. However, avoid putting cocoa mulch as this can be bad for dogs.

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3. What About Fencing?

Every dog loves to run around while sniffing everywhere. However, they still need to be kept inside fencing to keep them safe. Standard fencing is essential for the safety of your dog and to ensure it stays on the premises.

You can consider any type of fencing material that matches the landscape of your backyard. But while choosing a fence, make sure to factor in the safety of your dog. It should be safe enough to ensure that your dog’s head won’t get stuck between the boards.

Plus, if your fencing blocks the view for your dog, consider building in a dog fence window or a viewing bubble to allow them to observe what’s happening outside. 

Dog Friendly Backyard Ideas on a Budget
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4. Marking Their Territory

Dogs love to mark their territory when they go to the backyard. They like to have a special place to do their business, and you will find that they want to keep going back to the same spot.

If you don’t have any preference, you can let your dog pick a random spot. Otherwise, you can set up a place and encourage your dog to use it.

Some examples would include setting up a fake fire hydrant, large stones, or anything your dog fancies in that chosen spot.

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5. Let Them Dig

Dogs love digging, and no amount of persuasion can stop them from digging around the backyard. So instead of shouting at your dog every time it digs up the lawn, have a special place for them where they can dig to their heart’s content and bury their bones and toys.

Getting a sandbox is a great idea. Fill up the sandbox with mulch or sand that is easy to dig up for your dog and easy to refill for you.

6. Watch The Shade

Your dog might love lazing around under the sun, but there should be the proper amount of shaded areas to let them sleep and cool off. Or you can also get a dog house:

There are many types of dog houses available today, and you can get one that is cozy and comfortable for your dog while meeting your budget. If nothing else, having some tall trees under which your dog can rest in the shade will also work.

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7. Drinking Spot

It is essential to have a place to keep drinking water for your dog in the yard, especially in the hot summer months. If your dog likes to spend a lot of time outside, consider keeping a bowl of fresh cold water in a bowl. If you want to invest long-term, you can install a pet water fountain or water stream in the backyard.