10 Child-Friendly Backyard Ideas on a Budget

10 Child-Friendly Backyard Ideas on a Budget
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If you want to spruce up your backyard before the start of the summer, we have gathered a bunch of creative child-friendly backyard ideas on a budget. This way, you can afford to give your kids a great backyard to spend their time in, whether after school, during summer vacation, or on the weekends. It’s not just for them! You can enjoy many of these backyard additions too. More time in the backyard means more fun family memories.

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Why is it important for your backyard to be child friendly?

Your backyard needs to be child friendly because it keeps your little ones safe while they play until the sun goes down. It also ensures that if you take your eyes off of them for a second, you know they won’t be in immediate danger until you can pop back outside. When having a backyard, it’s best to have a fence to keep the kids in your yard and give you more privacy. It also ensures that everything you own stays in your yard and doesn’t end up in your neighbor’s yard. 

10 child-friendly backyard ideas to try

10. Playhouse, ~$105

A new clubhouse can be a bit pricy depending on the one you get. There are ones that are affordable like this playhouse from Mercari. Before purchasing a playhouse, try going on the Facebook marketplace, which is like a yard sale but all online. A family might be looking to get rid of their playhouse because their kids have outgrown it. You could find one for half the price of what you would pay for buying it online. If you see a playhouse on the Facebook marketplace, we suggest seeing it in person and making sure it is in good condition before you agree to purchase.

9. Mini slide, ~$50

10 Child-Friendly Backyard Ideas on a Budget
Credit – walmart.com

You can add a slide like this one from Walmart to your backyard without getting anything fancy. It is a simple, mini slide that can be put together quickly and is a great addition to keep kids’ active outside. If you have a ball pit or kiddie pool, you can place the slide in the pool. That way, they have something fun to slide into and this will keep them active for an extended period of time. Plastic can be really hot if it has been outside in the sun for a while, so we suggest cooling it down with water. That way, it isn’t hot for your child to slide down on, and they don’t get burned. 

8. DIY Sandbox, ~$50

A DIY sandbox is easy to assemble and only takes three items to make it come together. First, you need to get some timbers from your local hardwood store or Home Depot to create walls for the sandbox. Depending on how big you want the sandbox, you will have to measure the length of the wood. Next, you will need a tarp for the bottom of the sandbox. It will protect your kids from the grass and ants to keep them from getting bit. You can place the tarp under the wood and have it tucked over it if you have extra of the tarp and need to put it somewhere.

Lastly, you’ll need to get the sand for it. If you head to your local home depot, you can get play sand which is the perfect sand for the kids to play with. Since you DIY it, the cost will go way down and you’ll only be paying for the materials.

7. Slip n Slide, ~$40 – $50 

10 Child-Friendly Backyard Ideas on a Budget
Credit – amazon.com

This slip-n-slide from Amazon is excellent if you want your backyard to be more water-friendly during summer. It comes with three boogie boards that the kids can use to slide when going down. It also has a sprinkler effect where water comes out at the end and along the slide. Your backyard will seem like a water park with this slide. You can choose between two lengths, 18FT or 22.5FT. The longer length will be more money, and you must ensure that your backyard can handle that much beforehand. Kids will want to spend hours outside playing with it. It’s just what you need!

6. Kiddie Pool, ~$37-$45

A kiddie pool is an excellent addition to the backyard, especially during the summer when it gets hot outside. You can get many different kiddie pools, but the best ones are Intex Mini Frame Pool from Amazon and JUOIFIP Foldable Pool also from Amazon. They are easy to put up and big enough for kids to enjoy using in the backyard.

We suggest setting it up in the morning when the kids are still sleeping. That way, you can start filling the pool with water from the hose. While they are eating, the pool is filling up, and it will be a great little surprise when they head to the backyard. We would also recommend getting a cover for the pool as a precaution to protect your kids from getting in it when you are not around. This will also keep it clean from dirt or leaves.  

5. Inflatable Outside Paint Easel, ~$40

10 Child-Friendly Backyard Ideas on a Budget
Credit – target.com

Another one of the best child-friendly backyard ideas on a budget is this inflatable outside paint easel. It’s the perfect outside activity because it lets the kids get a little messy without bringing the mess inside. It comes with cups and paintbrushes, saving you money from getting it separately. If you go to Walmart, you can find washable kids’ paint that comes in 20 colors, so you won’t have to worry about running out. The kids will enjoy this because they can be as creative as they want, and you, as parents, won’t have to worry about the paint not coming off their clothes or skin.

4. DIY Wood Balance Beam, ~$35 

A wood balance beam is something excellent to have in your backyard. It is so easy to make a beam and will not cost you much out of your pocket. Children will love running on it or pretending it is part of a make believe game above the ground.

To make this yourself, you’ll need a 4×6 x 10 pressure-treated board, sanding block, and wood glue. You are going to use a saw to cut off each end of the board to create two stands for the beam. Make sure the stands for the beam are long enough to hold the beam. Then you will want to sand it down and make sure the edges of the wood are rounded. Finally, glue the stands to the beam hold it for about twenty seconds to ensure it sticks, and wait about 15 minutes before making sure the beam is secure.  

3. Tree Swing, ~$24

10 Child-Friendly Backyard Ideas on a Budget
Credit – amazon.com

If you have a tree that is big enough and strong, you can put up a swing in the backyard. This option we found from Amazon comes with everything you need to put the swing up in a tree. It is great to add to your kids’ backyard because they usually want to play on the swings when they go to parks. Once you put it up, there is no need to take it down. It can stay up all year long, even in the winter months. It should only be taken down if the tree is rotting because that would be a bit dangerous.

2. DIY Outdoor Chalkboard, ~$20 

A DIY outdoor chalkboard is relatively easy to make and very affordable. All you would need to do is go to your local Home Depot store and pick up your choice of length in chalk paper. You will have to measure where you want to put it, whether on the side of the house or the fence. Once you measure, you can use wood to create a frame for the board to give it more of that chalkboard look. It will stick if you use wood glue to secure the chalkboard paper. Once you have created a frame, you can put it up wherever you feel best. Then when it is nice and sturdy and hung up, you can let the kids come outside and test it. 

1. Outside Jumbo Bowling Set, ~$20

10 Child-Friendly Backyard Ideas on a Budget
Credit – lowes.com

Lastly, our favorite on this list of child-friendly backyard ideas on budget is this outside jumbo bowling set. What could be better? Kids will enjoy it because it’s like playing kickball but with bowling pins. It comes with six pins, which is perfect to fit in your backyard. The bowling ball is inflatable, and kids will have fun trying to throw it at the bowling pins to see how many they can hit. It is a great outside activity because you won’t have to worry about the ball hurting anyone or breaking anything. Plus, as we know, kids love anything “jumbo.”

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We hope that the ideas we have provided help make your backyard more child friendly and fun this summer. These are all creative options, but affordable so you won’t be spending hundreds of dollars on your backyard. To start your child-friendly backyard, check out our list and try one or two ideas that you think your kids will enjoy. You’ll be spending more time outside together in no time.

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