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Best Toys for 15 Month Old Babies: A Guide for Parents

15 Best Toys for 15-Month-Old
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Whether you’re a new parent or a seasoned veteran, it can be overwhelming to sort through the selection of children’s toys offered at most stores. Moreover, it can be tricky to know what your child will enjoy playing with or even which toys they can play with at a certain age. While they often write age ranges on toys, it can vary slightly depending on how your child plays. We decided to select the sweet age of 15 months and recommend the best toys for 15 month old babies that we could find. Regardless of if you are traveling, in the bathtub, or encouraging your child to learn, we have various options for you.

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How to keep a 15 month old busy?

It is no small feat to keep a 15 month old baby entertained for an extended period. It is one of the reasons why parents make sure to have a wide variety of toys. To keep your 15 month old busy, you should have musical and educational toys and even coloring books or small activities. It’s important that these toys have color, sounds, or something for them to touch or put in their mouth. This will ensure they will play with the toy for more than a few seconds.

How to choose the right toy for a 15 month old?

At this special age, it can be hard to find toys specifically made for 15 month old babies. Instead, try looking for toys between 12 months to 18 months. These toys could interest your baby and fall within the safe age range for 15 months.  All babies are different, so what might interest one baby might not interest another. We recommend paying attention to what they gravitate towards and shop for similar toys. For example, if you have other children, watch what your 15 month old gravitates towards out of their toys. Or, see what household items they try to crawl towards.

What to look for in toys for 15 month olds

There are many things to look for when choosing the best toys for 15 month olds because you want to ensure you cover all your bases.

  • Fine motor skills toys – It’s helpful for their brain development to use their hands like building a tower with blocks or coloring with crayons. 
  • Educational toys – These are toys to get them to understand the basics of letters, colors, shapes, and numbers.
  • Sensory toys – These help babies experience different textures and listen to certain sounds.

You can find these in about any toy you get. Most are categorized as one of these even if it doesn’t say on the packaging. Even toys you classify as fun might not seem to be educational, but they definitely can be. For example, playing with cars qualifies as fine motor skill play.

Why are educational toys important for 15 month old babies?

At 15 month olds, your baby is becoming more independent and wants to do things their way. Having educational toys is important because it helps with their development as they reach new milestones every day. These essential development skills happen through playing with toys. It teaches them problem-solving skills, encourages communication, and enhances creativity.  

Best musical toys for a 15 month old? 

15. Xylophone Toy Learning Bus, $12

Best toys for 15 month old babies: Xylophone bus
Credit – amazon.com

The Xylophone Toy Learning Bus is perfect for stimulating your baby during playtime. It is a bus they can roll around on the floor and comes with a xylophone they can hit to play different tunes and shapes they can put inside the bus. Reviewers have stated that their babies loved it and it is smaller than expected, which makes it easy to store in a toy box.

14. Piano Mat, $20 

Best toys for 15 month old babies: piano mat
Credit – amazon.com

The Piano Mat is great for a musical toy because babies can step on it to hear music or animal sounds. It is easy to fold up and put away if they aren’t playing with it or if you want to travel and take it with you. Reviewers have stated that it is a perfect toy for their babies because it keeps them entertained for longer than a few minutes. 

13. Toddler Musical Instrument Toys, $20 

Best toys for 15 month old babies: musical instrument set
Credit – amazon.com

The Toddler Musical Instrument Toy set comes with a xylophone, a tambourine, sleigh bell, trumpet, two maracas, and more. Your baby will be very well entertained because there are so many different musical instruments they can play with that all make different sounds. Reviewers have stated they loved this for their babies because it’s not overly loud and is perfect for a child that is 15 months old. 

Best travel toys for a 15 month old?

12. Crayola Double Doodle Board, $11

Best toys for 15 month old babies: Crayola doodle board
Credit – amazon.com

The Crayola Double Doodle Board is the perfect way to help your 15 month old draw care-free. It comes with three washable crayons and one side is sealed with gel so that babies can use their fingers to draw. This is great because it doesn’t make a mess like markers or paint would, so you don’t have to worry about supervising them too closely. It is a great travel toy because it can be put in a bag on the go with snacks and toys. Reviewers have stated that it’s one of the best toys for 15 month olds because it’s small and portable and super entertaining.

11. Blu Whale – $20 

Best toys for 15 month old babies: blue whale
Credit – amazon.com

This Blue Whale toy is excellent for their senses with several different colors and textures on the whale. The zipper is a nice touch that will keep them entertained as well. They can use it while traveling because the whale has a couple of different purposes, which can make it seem like a few different toys in one item. Reviewers have stated that it is a great activity toy that keeps their little one entertained for over 30 minutes. 

10. Busy Book, $37

Best toys for 15 month old babies: busy book
Credit – amazon.com

The Busy Book is just what it sounds like! A book that is fun, good for their sensory and fine motor development that will keep them busy on long car trips. This toy comes with fun textures and pop ups that will make your baby want to come back to it again and again. It can be taken anywhere and is easy to travel with. Reviewers have stated that the bright colors catch their baby’s eyes and it has more than activity that keeps their kids occupied.

Best learning toys for 15 month old?

9. First Shapes Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle, $9

Best toys for 15 month old babies: first shape wooden puzzle
Credit – amazon.com

The First Shapes Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle is a jumbo puzzle set that is easy for little hands to grab and maneuver. It teaches them the basic shapes and where they are supposed to go on the puzzle. Reviewers have said it is an excellent puzzle to help babies understand the different shapes and how each should look. 

8. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby, $18 

Best toys for 15 month old babies: laugh & learn baby
Credit – amazon.com

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby teaches numbers, counting, colors, and Spanish words. It is an excellent toy for a 15 month old because it is educational and musical; babies tend to remember things quickly in a song format. They will recognize and crawl to the music after hearing it a few times. Reviewers have said that their baby loves the toy and it has taught them how to count over time.

7. Mushroom Garden, $30 

Best toys for 15 month old babies: mushroom garden
Credit – amazon.com

This Mushroom Garden toy is a great educational game because it teaches your baby numbers and colors while helping them remember specific patterns too. Your baby will learn all kinds of skills like logical thinking, motor functions, concentration, problem-solving, and eye coordination. Reviewers have stated that they have seen their child advance significantly after using this toy.

Best bath toy for 15 month old babies?

6. Boon CHOMP Whale Bath Toy, $10.51

Best toys for 15 month old babies: whale bath toy
Credit – amazon.com

The Boon CHOMP Whale Bath Toy is great because it has three creatures that come inside of the whale. Your baby can catch them with the whale mouth in the bathtub, which will make for a fun game. It is soft and safe for tiny fingers, so they won’t pinch their hands. Reviewers have said that their little ones love it and they could stay in the tub for hours with this toy.

5. Sago Mini Bathtub Squirter & Boat Floatie, $15

Best toys for 15 month old babies: Sago Mini bath toy
Credit – amazon.com

The Sago Mini is a squirter toy with a floating boat. If your baby loves water coming out of any toy, they will love it. It gives your kids the freedom of storytelling and lets their imagination explore while they are in the tub. Reviewers have stated that this toy can convince their little ones to take a bath because they enjoy playing with both items together.

4. Duck Tubing Floating Bath Toys, $19 

Best toys for 15 month old babies: Duck tubbing floating bath toys
Credit – amazon.com

The Duck Tubing Floating Bath Toys are super fun for 15 month olds to play with because these three ducks can sit on the floating tubes or fall off into the water. Your baby will want to put them on and take them off and with three of them, it is nonstop fun. It is non-toxic and lead-free, so if your child puts it in their mouth like all babies do, there are no worries. Reviewers like that the ducks don’t have holes in the bottom, so they do not get all moldy. 

Best baby doll for 15 month olds?

3. Mine to Love Jenna, $24

Best toys for 15 month old babies: Mine to Love Jenna doll
Credit – amazon.com

The Mine to Love Jenna is a beautiful baby doll with a pacifier. Your child can learn fine motor skills by getting the pacifier in the baby’s mouth. It is a great size for babies, not too big or small, and fits perfectly in their arms. Reviewers have stated that it is their child’s favorite toy because when they see mommy or daddy taking care of their siblings, they want to do the same with their baby dolls. 

2. JC Toys ‘Lots to Cuddle Babies, $25

Best toys for 15 month old babies: JC Toys baby doll
Credit – amazon.com

The JC Toys ‘Lots to Cuddle Babies is another one of the best toys for 15 month olds because the baby doll is light, portable, and comes with a bottle so your baby can feed the doll for fun. It is soft and durable for years, so your baby can keep it for many years to come and evolve in the way they play with it. You can also wash the baby doll’s clothes if it gets dirty.

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1. Baby Doll with Toy Accessories, $37 

Best toys for 15 month old babies: Baby doll from Amazon
Credit – amazon.com

This Baby Doll with Toy Accessories from Amazon comes with a bottle, change of clothes, bib, stuffed animal, and a little bag to put the baby’s things in. It’s an excellent toy for a 15 month old because they will want to change their clothes and play with the accessories for a long time. It’s also super handy that the bag acts as a toy for your baby, but also a way to carry and organize the toys for you.

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