Best Rosacea Skin Care of 2022

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We’ve compiled a list of the best rosacea skin care products of 2022 that’ll provide you with some relief. If you have a natural blush or people always think you’re sunburned, you might be someone with rosacea skin condition —  along with the 14 million other people in the U.S. over the age of 19. No, it’s not a bashful blush or a sunburn from a tropical vacation, but unfortunately, it probably still burns like one!

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition with an unknown cause. It creates redness, inflammation, dry patches, and a burning sensation. Doctors believe it may come from overactive immune systems, environmental factors, fair skin, or other hereditary conditions. 

What are the best skin care products to treat rosacea?

Our hope is that as you try out these products and find the one that works best for your skin, the burning sensations will fade and the “Why didn’t you wear sunscreen?” questions will diminish.  

So with that … here’s our list of best rosacea skin care products of 2022:

Best Rosacea Skin Care

Best Rosacea Skin Care for Irritation Control

Prosacea rosacea gel

When it comes to combating rosacea, finding a formula that specifically targets the condition is like finding a diamond in the rough. Luckily, Prosacea Rosacea Gel works to heal the painful symptoms that coincide with rosacea, including redness, dryness, and irritation. Get fast and effective results with Prosacea, which uses moisturizing ingredients to soothe your complexion without making it oily. The formula’s sulfur will restore your skin’s protective barrier, healing your rosacea symptoms in just a few days.

Best Rosacea Skin Care

The Best Rosacea Skin Care for On-The-Go Hydration

Heritage store rosewater & glycerin hydrating facial mist

Rosacea often comes with pesky dry patches that make your skin feel rough and flaky. This on-the-go facial mist will renew your skin, giving you a more radiant complexion. The mist only contains purified water, glycerin, and rosa damascena flower extract, which will benefit both your skin and the planet. Plus, it offers a soothing refreshment with every gentle mist. 

Best Rosacea Skin Care

The Best Rosacea Skin Care for Medical-Grade Skin Therapy

first honey skin therapy cream

Tired of your ever-growing list of rosacea symptoms? First Honey’s Skin Therapy Cream contains medical-grade manuka honey to naturally soothe and moisturize your skin. Safe for all skin types and ages, First Honey doesn’t use antibiotics or petroleum to provide relief. This gentle rosacea therapy will kill harmful bacteria and heal cracked skin, ultimately nourishing your skin as whole. 

Best Rosacea Skin Care

The Best Rosacea Skin Care to Target Bacteria

SKInsmart Antimicrobial eczema therapy

With this eczema therapy spray, you can get prescription-strength relief without actually having to get a prescription. SkinSmart will remove harmful bacteria from your skin. In fact, the National Eczema Association has even given this product a five-star rating for proven efficacy.

The fast-acting, steroid-free healing spray contains hypochlorous acid to heal raw, inflamed skin. SkinSmart’s 100% natural formula is safe to use as needed throughout the day, even for delicate skin. 

Best Rosacea Skin Care

The Best Rosacea Skin Care for Inflammation

Thyme out the knockout alternative & thyme-tO-Go

This 100% natural, organic cream works as anti-inflammatory skin therapy for a variety of skin concerns. Thyme Out is a renowned natural alternative for bug bites, fungi, acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and more. This spray works as a targeted healing therapy treatment that’ll help control skin inflammation.

The simple organic formula contains purified water, thyme, grain alcohol, and aloe vera. This product’s clean label will give you the smooth skin you desire without any side effects.

Best Rosacea Skin Care

The Best Natural Rosacea Skin Care

honeyskiin ultimate face & body cream

A natural, non-irritating lotion that smells good and helps reduce redness? Sign us up! The soothing aloe vera and anti-inflammatory manuka honey in the formula will hydrate, nourish, and rejuvenate your skin. This moisturizing cream will work wonders on skin types prone to rosacea, eczema, and dryness. The organic, vegan formula acts as a moisturizer, relieving rosacea with coconut oil, lauric acid, shea butter, and wild oat extract. The natural ingredients work together to moisturize, reduce skin stress, and promote cell regeneration, all while acting as a powerful antibacterial. 

Best Rosacea Skin Care

The Best Rosacea Skin Care for Acne and Redness

triderma facial redness relief gentle face cream

The combination of Vitamin B5, vitamin E, arnica, beeswax, and certified aloe complex work together to give you a highly-concentrated, non-greasy facial cream. TriDerma is a hydrating face cream that soothes red, irritated skin. This face cream works on all skin types to give you a balanced skin tone with intensive moisture. 

TriDerma delivers maximum strength relief. It absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any residue. Jam-packed with potent essential botanicals, TriDerma gives your skin the nourishment it needs, while reducing redness, acne, and irritation. 

Best Rosacea Skin Care

The Best Rosacea Skin Care for Hydration

procure rosacare soothing sheet mask

Control rosacea symptoms with an all-in-one hydrogel facial mask. This product uses hyaluronic acid to lightly moisturize your face, and the licorice root and cucumber calms redness and irritation. 

RosaCare Soothing Sheet Mask is ultra-hydrating and easy to use. In as little as 10 minutes,  your skin will quickly absorb the hydrogel while the cooling licorice root and cucumber extract ease inflammation. Skip the harsh chemicals and use RosaCare for a quick and powerful at-home treatment. 

Best Rosacea Skin Care

The Best Overall Rosacea Skin Care

paulas choice skin recovery softening cleanser

Paula’s Choice has a creamy formula that glides smoothly along your skin for the ultimate cleanse. With this ultra-gentle softening cleanser, you can say goodbye to irritation, redness, and dryness!

Paula’s Choice is a top-rated cleanser for sensitive skin types, including rosacea and eczema. It deep cleans the dirt and oil on your skin, leaving you feeling nourished and soothed thanks to ingredients like chamomile. The added beta glucan also helps to plump and hydrate your skin, resulting in a softer complexion.

Best Rosacea Skin Care

The Best Rosacea Skin Care for Cleansing

Rosecea care ultramild cleanser

This effective, non-drying cleanser targets sensitive skin. Shea butter and meadowfoam oil combine to gently soothe rosacea and dryness, while providing you with a safe daily cleanse. Plus, Rosacea Care’s Ultramild Cleanser will remove harmful bacteria from your skin.

Our hot take

You deserve to feel confident in your skin. Harsh, chemical creams and cleansers will only further your skin’s irritation. Instead, choose products with gentle healing ingredients from skincare brands that specialize in relieving rosacea symptoms. 

We hope this article allows you to find solace in products that work to heal you. Take a proactive approach to caring for your skin by trying out the best rosacea skin care products of 2022 that we recommend. 

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