11 Amazing Gifts for Women

Gifts For Women
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While it’s obviously the thought that counts, who doesn’t love getting a great present? In our humble opinion, the best gifts for women are practical, yes, but also something they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves.

So, if you’re looking for a little gift inspiration or just want to #treatyourself, we’ve rounded up some of the best gifts that women are sure to love.

Amazing Gifts For Women

Hillhouse The Ellie Nap Dress ($125; hillhousehome.com)

Over the last few years, the nap dress has become way more popular. They’re way more stylish than sweats yet still just as comfy, this fan favorite comes in five different colors/patterns, and has the added benefit of being both maternity- and breast-feeding-friendly. 

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Amazing Gifts For Women

Sommify: A Blind Wine Tasting Game ($50; amazon.com)

No matter whether she loves vino, a good game night, or both, this totally unique game is a win (pun intended). Created by sommeliers, it turns could-be boring wine tasting—players each BYO a ‘mystery’ bottle—into a fun and informative game.

Amazing Gifts For Women

Skeem Design Palo Santo ($65; skeemshop.com)

Consider this the perfect option for your friend who’s always sage-ing her space. Palo Santo is considered a holy wood, burned to ward off bad energy, calm and cleanse the mind, and bring fortune to anyone who does so. (Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.) Here, you get approximately 30, four-inch sticks, housed in a reusable glass jar that also makes for a beautiful décor piece.

Amazing Gifts For Women

Joanna Buchanan Evil Eye Cocktail Picks ($88; joannabuchanan.com)

A chic way to spear all those extra olives for your dirty martini and ward off evil spirits at the same time? Yes, please. These adorable cocktail picks are a barware must.

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Amazing Gifts For Women

Anecdote Candles I’m Speaking ($26; anecdotecandles.com)

Fact: Everyone loves getting candles. Also fact: A candle that channels girl power is even better. Not only is the scent—a combo of fresh citrus plus grounding sandalwood and amber—inspired by feminine strength, but 15 percent of the candle’s net sales are donated to She Should Run, a non-profit working to increase the number of women running for public office.

Amazing Gifts For Women

Baloo Living Sleep Stone Mask ($64; balooliving.com)

This isn’t just any old sleep mask. The super comfy, light-blocking, sound-muffling mask has a hidden pocket that holds any one of four crystals of your choosing in place directly over your third eye. Better sleep and crystal healing powers? Yes, please.

Amazing Gifts For Women

Allswell Stonewashed Waffle Bathrobe ($85; allswellhome.com)

File a luxe robe under one of those small things that really can make your day-to-day routine that much more enjoyable. This particular one is made of 100 percent organic cotton via a special stone washing process that makes it next-level soft. Plus, the waffle-weave texture is not only nice and absorbent, it’s also reminiscent of high-end hotel vibes in the best way possible.

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Amazing Gifts For Women

Usual Wines Rosé Subscription ($80 per month; usualwines.com)

Rosé all day, every day. Send her this box of 12 bottles each month—each one is individually-sized for the perfect pour every time. Not to mention that the crisp and dry rosé is made in small batches with sustainably-farmed grapes and no additives, always a win in our book.

Amazing Gifts For Women

Amy Zhang Self Care Card Deck ($30; shopamyzhang.com)

Practicing self-care is obviously easier said than done…and we would argue it gets even harder to do so the older you get and the busier life becomes. That’s where this cute card deck comes in. Pull out any of the 32 illustrated prompt cards anytime you need a little extra motivation or inspiration to carve out some me-time.

Amazing Gifts For Women

Cuzen Matcha Maker Starter Kit ($299; cuzenmatcha.com)

Forget the standard coffee maker, this is the beverage appliance you need. It comes with organic, Japanese-grown matcha green tea leaves; all you have to do is pop them in and let the machine grind and mix them up with water, making the freshest batch of matcha you’ve ever tasted.

Amazing Gifts For Women

Remix Re:Wand Face Tool ($80; remixlife.style)

A gua sha tool/jade roller hybrid, this tool (handmade from crocodile jasper, a protective stone that balances the mind and body) can be used for aesthetic purposes, reflexology, or both. Up the ante and purchase a personalized video tutorial from the brand’s founder, a doctor of acupuncture and East Asian Medicine, who can create a custom routine for your recipient.

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