15 Amazing Mystery Books for Kids

Mystery Books For Kids
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There are many mystery books for kids that embark on secret missions and mysteries of the universe that will challenge young readers while also letting their imagination explore new worlds. These are the best 15 mystery books for kids to read.

15. Legacy of the Inventor by J. I Wagner 

The Legacy of the Inventor is an excellent opportunity for the kids to put their thinking caps on. Help Timmi and his team discover where a famous inventor has mysteriously vanished. You will have to follow the clues given to the team to help solve the mystery and save the inventor. 

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14. Puzzlooies: Mystery At Mallard Mansion by Russel Ginns and Jonathan Maier 

Puzzlooies: Mystery at Mallard Mansion give the kids particular chances to unravel riddles and clues like you have never seen before. It puts you at the front to uncover the mystery at the Mallard mansion. 

13. Trouble On The Wild West Express by Gertrude Chandler Warner 

Mystery Books For Kids
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Trouble on the Wild West Express is an interactive read that tests kids’ detective skills to uncover what brings the olden days back to life. 

12. The Mystery of the Disappearing by Nikki Young 

The Mystery of the Disappearing is a comedy that meets mystery when underwear disappears. Stacy, Harry, and James partner up together to find Harry’s undies and reveal the true intentions of the new neighbors at number 35. 

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11. The Feather Chase by Shannon L. Brown 

The Feather Chase is about two cousins, Sophia and Jessica, spending the summer break together, and they realize they don’t have much in common. They must work together until they stumble upon a mysterious briefcase in the woods. 

 10. Summer of the Woods by Steven K. Smith

Mystery Books For Kids
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Summer of the Woods is a mystery meet adventure book. Sam and Derik are brothers who spend their summer on the run after discovering a 60-year-old coin collection stolen from the local museum. They must figure out why the coin was stolen and how to give it back to the museum without them being blamed for it being stolen. 

9. The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren Wright 

The Dollhouse Murders is about Amy, who tries to decipher her great-grandparent’s odd death. She wonders if the dolls in the attic are trying to tell her something when she finds out that they are moving by themselves. 

8. The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis 

The Secret Lake follows a brother and sister, Tom and Stella, who become intrigued by their neighbor’s dog, who disappears and turns up soaking wet every time. The kids will travel through time, making new friends and enemies in this fantastic read. 

7. A-Z Mysteries: Detective Camp by Ron Roy

Mystery Books For Kids
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A- Z Mysteries: Detective Camp is about detective camp, and you learn how to unpiece crimes and follow clues with Dink, Josh, and Ruth. There is something fishy at camp, and you must discover what it is. 

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6. Into The Dark by C.J Loughty

Into the Dark is about Ella and her family when they moved to a new town. She is certain that her new house is haunted, and when no one believes her, she gets help from one of the clerks from the local magic shop. She tries to discover how to lift a curse that a witch, a previous owner, has cast upon her new house.  

5. Nancy Drew Mystery Stories by Carolyn Keene 

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories are classic mystery tales. Four books in this collection have exciting storylines and captivating riddles. 

4. The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart 

Mystery Books For Kids
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The Mysterious Benedict Society is about an adventurous journey like no other. Discover the hidden secrets that lie under the Learning Institute. 

3. Case Closed: Mystery In The Mansion by Lauren Magaziner 

Case Closed: Mystery in the Mansion is about Carlos helping his mom save her detective agency. His mom became suddenly ill, and Carlos steps up to the plate to take on the mysterious case that deals with a millionaire and his secret mansion in the neighborhood.

2. Legend Of the Star Runner by J. I Wagner 

Legend Of The Star Runner is about putting your mind to the test and working on uncovering the mysteries that lie within the pages of this book. Timmi and his friends, with your help, have 24 hours to save one of their best friends.  

1. Harley James: The Mystery of the Mayan Kings by Leah Cupps 

Mystery Books For Kids
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Harley James: The Mystery of the Mayan Kings is about Harley, who must find the missing Mayan statue to try and save the world. She embarks on an exhilarating journey through a jungle, solving tricky riddles as she goes. 

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