10 Houseplants That Will Instantly Spruce Up Your Living Space

Aesthetic Plants to Glam Up Your Home
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It’s not exactly surprising that spending so much time at home over the past year has inspired many of us to refresh our living spaces. However, it’s not always feasible to purchase brand-new furniture or other pricy decor items — plus, if you’re a renter, certain updates or renovations might not even be permitted. So, what is one to do when the itch for a home refresh comes on? Grab some houseplants, of course.

Houseplants are an easy, relatively affordable way to upgrade your space, which is likely one reason why they’ve become so popular. It’s also been theorized that because younger generations are delaying having families, houseplants provide them with something to nurture without the level of responsibility that comes with parenthood (via Houseplant Resource Center). Sociological explanations aside, plants are just straight-up aesthetically pleasing. They can instantly make your home feel brighter, more inviting, and more serene.

Houseplants can also provide a slew of health benefits. Research from NASA shows that houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of toxins in the air in 24 hours — a particularly nice perk if you live in an urban environment with high levels of pollution. It’s also been found that being surrounded by plants can improve your mood and productivity while decreasing stress levels.

Here, we’ve rounded up some aesthetic plants to glam up your home — from trendy fiddle leaf figs to low-maintenance ZZ plants.

10 Aesthetics Plants to Glam Up Your Home

Snake Plant

Also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue”, this stiff-leafed plant is easy to grow and pretty low maintenance. According to The Spruce, they can grow from 6 inches all the way to 8 feet tall, depending on the variety.

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Perhaps one of the trendiest, most aesthetic plants to glam up your home, the monstera’s dramatic leaves are decor pieces in themselves. Be sure to give them lots of space, Bloomscape advises, as they become “climbers” as they grow.

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Fiddle Leaf Fig

This plant’s Instagram-ready aesthetic doesn’t come easy. The fiddle leaf fig requires a lot of sunlight (as in, it needs to be right next to a window), and can be finicky with watering (via The Sill) — but it’s totally worth it.

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Pothos plants are incredibly easy to care for and can grow in areas that don’t get a lot of sunlight, making it great for apartment living — just be sure to keep them away from pets (via The Spruce).

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Spider Plant

Because of their long leaves, spider plants are great for hanging; just avoid dark corners, as they need medium indirect light to thrive (via The Sill).

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Hoyas are known for their shiny, waxy-like leaves — as well as being one of the easiest indoor plants to care for (via Bloomscape). Certain varieties of hoya plants may even produce flowers as they mature.

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Philodendrons include hundreds of species, but the plant is known for its large leaves, fast growth rate, and air-purifying abilities (via The Spruce).

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Because they rely on humidity to thrive, ferns make a great addition to your bathroom or kitchen.

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Aloe Vera

Technically a succulent, aloe vera is an extremely low-maintenance houseplant — plus, it provides a skin-soothing gel that’s great for sunburns or other irritation (via The Spruce).

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ZZ Plant

If you’re a houseplant newbie, a ZZ plant is a great option. The tropical perennial has become extremely popular due to its ability to thrive in almost any environment; it can tolerate low light and only needs watering every 2-3 weeks (via The Sill).

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