10 Best Subscription Boxes You Didn’t Know You Needed

subscription boxes you didn't know you needed
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To say the market on subscription boxes took off would be a massive understatement. An idea that started with two Harvard grads (that’d be Birchbox) has blossomed into an entire industry complete with dedicated review websites, live “unboxings,” and more. Today, if you can think of a subscription box idea it probably already exists.

Since you can’t possibly think of everything, though, we’re here to help. Below are ten different subscription boxes that are so genius you’ll wonder why you didn’t come up with the idea yourself.

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Boxycharm By IPSY, $28/month

After doing an extensive survey on your features, what kind of products you’re interested in as well as the brands, you can subscribe to this box for only $28 a month.

The subscription boxes will give you access to monthly shipments allowing you to customize your own box that way everything is catered to you, as well as exclusive access to member-only shopping events, giving you 80% off retail prices. It’s a great deal that is perfect for those that want monthly treats for a perfect self-care day.

Crated With Love, $25/month

10 Best Subscription Boxes You Didn't Know You Needed

Planning date nights can be challenging, especially with how busy life can be. Thankfully, subscribing to Crated with Love can take away that stress and allow both of you to be surprised and excited for your dates. Focusing on laughter, adventures and reconnection, the subscription boxes only cost $25 and includes 4-5 date night games with a complete romantic theme, and even includes movie lists, Spotify playlists and recipes to make your night perfectly planned, leaving you stress free.

For those looking to find the perfect fit for your relationship though, you can choose from a variety of selections starting from $19.99 and going all the way to $30. There are variations of games like cooperative, competitive, and just simple date night games.

Universal Yums, $15/month

Social media has posted so many interesting and unique foods from around the world, but it can be hard to get your hands on them. Thankfully, Universal Yums does it’s best to expand everyone’s palate a bit more by bringing these treats to you. When ordering this box, you’ll receive food from a different country, each month dedicated to one specific place.

There will be trivia, facts, and interactive games within a 12+ page booklet, all while munching on five to seven snacks. There are bigger boxes that can contain up to eighteen snacks depending on how much you’re interested in paying, but the basic box is on $15, which is a great deal.

Shaker & Spoon, $59/month

10 Best Subscription Boxes You Didn't Know You Needed

There are a lot of food subscription boxes, but what about drinks and cocktails? Thats where Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club come into play. For only $59 a month, or $56.33 for three months, you can get ahold of some amazing drinks. In each box, you’ll receive 3 unique recipes by top bartenders, plus everything you need to make them (except for the liquor itself), giving you 4 drinks for each recipe. That’s 12 drinks in total!

Each month will revolve around a different type of liquor, so if there’s one, you’re not interested in, you can skip it until the next month. It’s the perfect subscription box for cocktail lovers wanting to expand their horizons!

Book of the Month, $15.99/month

Known for being one of the best book subscription boxes, Book of the Month is a subscription service that allows you to curate the perfect book to get each month with the best new reads. How it works is Book of the Month will pick a few great choices, and then you can pick your favorite out of them all and have it shipped directly to you. It helps broaden your horizon with different genres and find new authors.

If more books on the roster pique your interest, you can add those to your monthly selection, with each costing $10 extra, but you can only add up to two each month. You can also peruse their list of past books and make those your BOTM if you’re interested in specific ones.

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Curd Box, $49.95/month

subscription boxes you need
Curd Box

If the concept of having gourmet cheeses shipped to your door monthly doesn’t move you, we don’t know what will. Curd Box is a subscription delivery service built specifically with foodies in mind, and it’s downright brilliant.

Each box contains three artisan cheeses along with three perfect pairings—think honey, crackers, nuts, olives—along with wine recommendations. You’ll be salivating when you see this box of deliciousness arrive on your doorstep each month.

The Calm Box, $40 per month

10 Best Subscription Boxes You Didn't Know You Needed
Calm Box

Feeling stressed? Welcome to the ever-growing club. The Calmbox is here to help you chill out, refocus, and find balance in your life. Each monthly delivery contains five to seven items that focus on meditation, stress relief, and mindfulness—think personal care items, books and journals, candles, and aromatherapy.

The goal is to engage your mind and body in a meaningful, purposeful way. Another bonus is that a portion of proceeds are donated to charity; The Calmbox has worked with over 50 charities to date. And what’s better than helping humanity while you meditate?

The Fit Boxx, $58 per month

Whether you’re all about yoga, kickboxing, marathons, or HIIT, The Fit Boxx is all about making your fitness journey more fun. Each monthly box contains five to eight cool new gear that supports your workouts like trendy apparel, and nutritional items and supplements.

Think of it as a way to treat yourself for sweating hard and/or a motivator to keep on moving. You’ll take a quick survey when subscribing to help each box stay curated specifically for your needs.

Imperfect Foods, Price Varies

Have you ever noticed how grocery store produce almost looks too perfect? That’s not by accident. Fruits, veggies, and herbs are carefully picked and displayed because, well, people don’t usually buy stuff that’s less than pretty.

The Imperfect Foods subscription box takes all that perfectly fresh, edible, nutritious— yet ugly—produce and sends it right to your doorstep. Boxes also contain prepackaged items from sustainable, eco-conscious, animal-conscious brands. You curate the monthly shipment yourself, so prices vary depending on your needs each month.

Hemp Crate, $59.99 per month

10 Best Subscription Boxes You Didn't Know You Needed

CBD is here to stay, as evidenced by the bajillion brands who specialize in CBD-infused products. Hemp Crate is all about helping you discover new products, and they have three different crate types to choose from.

There’s the “Furry Friends” crate (perfect for pet parents), the “Health & Wellness” crate (full of self-care items), and the “Hempa the Explorer” crate (a mixed assortment). There’s an additional smaller crate, “Tincture ‘N Treat,” which contains a CBD tincture and an additional edible item for $29.99/month.

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