6 Best Halo Hair Extensions

Best Halo Hair Extensions
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When it comes to hair extensions, not everyone wants to spend a ton of money, or get them sewn or bonded to their hair. Sometimes you just want something quick and easy that will add a little length and volume, so we’ve rounded up the best halo hair extensions for your money.

These extensions are a single hair piece that stays at the base of your skull and is hidden by your natural hair. They are perfect for people on the go as they only take a few minutes to place and remove.

Let’s discuss the best halo hair extensions on the market today.

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Youngsee Remy Hidden Crown Halo Hair Extensions

When ordering from Youngsee, you are going to first measure the circumference of your head and take a picture of your hair under natural light. They will then make sure that the color they ship you matches your natural hair, and that the band fits securely on your head. Not only that, but they can tell if you need more or less volume depending on whether you have thick or fine hair.

Sunny Hair Halo Hair Extensions

You will want to take advantage of their customization and color matching service as they do not take returns. Other than this, the extensions themselves are gorgeous, and budget friendly. You can also purchase one of the blonde halo extensions and color it to either match your hair color or offer some dimension.

VeSunny Secret Wire Halo Human Hair Extensions

If you are unsure what your hair would look like with highlights, these are an excellent way to try out the look before you spend all that money at the salon. They offer tons of options of length, color, and thickness. Also, if you are unsure of the color you want to choose, you can contact customer service and they will allow you to send them a picture so they can help match you. Another great feature of these extensions is that they are adjustable and come with clips so that you can secure it to your head even more.

SARLA Short Wavy Halo Hair Extensions

Made of synthetic hair, the wefts are soft, shiny, and slightly wavy lending to a more natural appearance. What is great is that if you purchase a shade lighter than your hair, it can actually look like highlights. And if you purchase a shade darker, you can achieve an ombre effect. Regardless, if you are not happy, they are happy to let you exchange it for another color.

SY Wavy Synthetic Hair Extension

What is great about these extensions is that there is a hair net sewn underneath the weft so that it is breathable. Even though you may have to attach a few bobby pins to get it to stay in place you will not feel it after that as it is so lightweight. Just be sure to remember that these synthetic hair pieces need to be conditioned from time to time so that they do not get frizzy and tangle.

LaaVoo Long Thick Straight Hidden Wire Extension

If you want human hair at an affordable price, then this is your best option. This brand offers amazing customization services and are always offering discounts. The hair is sewn in double wefts with clips attached at the ends of the wefts. This allows the hair to remain free of tangles and shedding.


When it comes to purchasing halo extensions, you might need to try out a few brands to see what suits your needs best. I would highly recommend choosing brands that offer excellent customer service and customization options.

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