24 Hrs. in Oneonta, NY: Visit these Incredible Locations

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Located in southern Otsego County, Oneonta is home to both a love of baseball and various nature-inspired attractions. Perfect for a day trip, this city has enough to entertain anyone while still being relatively small. 

Yager Museum of Art and Culture

24 Hrs. in Oneonta, NY: Visit these Incredible Locations
Credit: Yager Museum

Comprising over 20,000 items in Yager Hall, the Yager Museum of Art and Culture is a blend of college and professional study that is open to the public all year. Run in part by Hartwick college students, they learn both how to study artifacts and art pieces while curating the perfect exhibition to present to the public, since it is a real museum. 

If you enjoy learning about North American indigenous culture, European and American fine art, pop art, and material culture, this is the perfect opportunity to do so for free. The museum does always ask for a donation, but the building is there to serve you and teach you about cultural influences over time along with the students who minor in museum studies. 

Green Toad Bookstore

Bookstores are always a great way to explore the community, and the Green Toad Bookstore is no exception. Wander between tall stacks of books and local products, or find the perfect book and relax in one of several chairs scattered around the store. 

If you’re looking for a drink to go with the perfect book, head through a short walkway in the store to The Latte Lounge and grab a tea and pastry. This independent bookstore may be small but it holds enough items to keep you entertained for a few hours while you dive into the world of literature. 

Robert V. Riddell State Park

24 Hrs. in Oneonta, NY: Visit these Incredible Locations
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Spread across 2,000 acres of fields and forested woodlands, Robert V. Riddell State Park is the perfect place to explore the Susquehanna River Valley. Named after a resident of Coliersville who believed that we should take care of the land for future generations, take a walk on one of the numerous hiking trails or just let nature surround you. 

Other recreational activities allowed at the park include bird-watching, snowshoeing, and fishing. You can also bring your dog, granted they are on a leash. The park also stretches into three townships and two counties, ensuring that they is plenty of ground to see and cover while at this state park. 

Swart-Wilcox House Museum

24 Hrs. in Oneonta, NY: Visit these Incredible Locations
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Built in 1807, the Swart-Wilcox House Museum is the oldest house in Oneonta, and continues to provide rich history and local interest for generations to come. Open in the summer every Sunday, the Museum hosts a Summer Sunday Series where they talk about different topics of local history, while you get to sit in a lawn chair out in front of the house. 

Originally built by a Revolutionary War soldier, the house changed several hands before being placed on the Historic Register, and later named a House Museum. Whether you decide to go just to look around the house and its 14 acres of property, or listen in to a Summer Sunday Series, there is lots to be learned in this small German Palatine Vernacular house. 

Neahwa Park

24 Hrs. in Oneonta, NY: Visit these Incredible Locations
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Within walking distance of downtown Oneonta, Neahwa Park has lots of recreational options to choose from. Take a walk around the 1.2 mile loop, or watch locals take a ride on the skateboard park, or play on one of the multiple sports fields dotted around the park. 

Many local sports teams play here, whether it be fun leagues or school from around the area, so there will always be people hanging out around Neahwa during the day. This park is closer to the city, so if you don’t want to go completely into the woods at Riddell State Park, then choose Neahwa for a break from the concrete and buildings. 

Top Restaurants

The Autumn Cafe

Serving fresh quality dishes, craft drinks, and local artisans work, The Autumn Cafe is a great place to start your morning in Oneonta. Opened in 1980, this restaurant has become a staple of the town, with visitors near and far coming for the great food and outdoor seating. 

  • Hours: Closed Mon, Tues 4-9, Wed-Sat 11-9, Sun 10-3
  • Featured Food: Hot Open Veggie / Spicy Nashville Chicken

Bella Michael’s

Opened in June of 2007, this Italian restaurant serves classic dishes, but many also come with a El Salvadorean flair adding a new taste to a great meal. Complete with a trusting staff and knowledgeable owners, travelers and locals come to have a great meal at Bella Michael’s in Oneonta. 

  • Hours: Mon-Fri 11-9, Sat 4-9
  • Featured Food: Cheese Ravioli / Salmon Lemon Cream

Whether you decide to go to the museum or to the park, Oneonta is the perfect place to relax and take in the upstate New York air. There are lots of quaint towns scattered around this area, and make for the perfect excuse to just drive and explore. 

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