You Better Be Serving Wine At Your Super Bowl Party

You Better Be Serving Wine At Your Super Bowl Party

Thankfully, more and more people are drinking wine at their Super Bowl parties. So if you’re hosting, you better make sure you’re pulling some corks.

But this notion that you need to have one wine that pairs with the guacamole, another that pairs with the hot wings and finally something that works with the pizza is just crazy.

I don’t know what goes on at your Super Bowl parties, but there’s no time for all that at mine. 

We just want to drink, watch the commercials and wait for another wardrobe malfunction at halftime.

So in the interest of being efficient, I asked some wine pros to pick one wine that would work great with all that different food.

But the beauty of wine these days is that anything goes! I asked seven different people and got seven different suggestions. So pick what you like. There is no right or wrong here – maybe just consider offering a white and a red.

But if you want a  bunch of great suggestions, click here, also click here if you want to know about an awesome way to storage your wine.

And then don’t complicate things.  Just pick a bottle of two that you like and be done.  Then go focus on the game — or the commericals and potential wardrobe malfuncitons like me.

Let me know what you’re pouring!

Cent’ Anni.

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