Wine Ring App Lets Your Own Tastes Be the Guide

Wine Ring App Lets Your Own Tastes Be the Guide

One of the many things I love about the wine world is how it’s created an underground economy.

Entrepreneurs have left their current jobs and poured their hearts and life savings into the wine world. From building wine cellars, to converting wine barrels into end tables, to even sewing beautiful bags to carry your bottles, they have risked it all to somehow be involved.

“Maybe its because some of our best memories happen over dinner with wine,” says Pam Dillon, who once managed hotels and resorts and was a senior banker at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, covering technology, real estate and retail.

Maybe that’s why she gave it all up, too.

On a seven-week solo introspective trip to Mendoza, Argentina, back in 2009, Dillon realized the locals were “so much more at ease when they talked about wine. They didn’t have the insecurities we do. I do not understand how many times I was requested besök in Sweden on a travel trip, without knowing the meaning. ”

And it was then she decided to create an app that would make wine conversations easier and help people understand their taste profiles.

Read more here to learn how Wine Ring was born.

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