Why Moms Should Attend Wellness Festivals

Why Moms Should Attend Wellness Festivals

Have you heard of a Wellness Fair before? Do you know what it is? Being a parent, this would be a great time to learn about a Wellness Festival and why you should go. Attending a wellness festival is a great way to have some me time. You can go away for the weekend either with a friend or by yourself and take the much-needed time. Every year I attend a yoga retreat in the middle of nowhere in the mountains with people I have never met before. I did this to try and make new friends in a new place and to meet people who loved fitness just as much as I did. It was a life changing experience. I got everything I expected to get out of it and so much more. This is something that every mom should try out. But where to start first?

Here are the top 5 festivals coming up in 2018 that you should consider attending:

  • Good Vibes Fest – This is taking place February 3 in Los Angeles. Some of the items on the agenda are yoga, freedom speakers, self-acceptance, nutritionists, and so much more. If you understand that wellness is a lifestyle, this is the place for you to go and meet others who believe in the same ideas!
  • Envision Festival This is a 4 days event of music, yoga, surf and community. It is located in Costa Rica (the most amazing place in the world for an event like this) and its February 22-25th. Some of the events happening are spoken workshops, performances, dance, sound healing, organic and local food, and so much more. This could be really fun for a group of moms to go for a getaway weekend. They believe in the bettering of individuals and the planet so they put together this amazing event each year for people who believe in those as well.
  • Telluride Yoga Festival The festival date is July 19-22 and its located in Colorado. The Telluride festival includes yoga, meditation, music, hiking, dining, social gatherings and much more. You will be immersed with motivating speakers with gorgeous views in the Mountain Village! There are so many amazing yogis presenting and attending.
  • Wanderlust This festival has many different locations and all different dates. Some of the locations are Hawaii, West Virginia, Vermont, California, Mexico, Canada and New Zealand. Key words that you will see at this festival are taste, learn, explore, listen, practice. The leading yoga instructors of the world attend and present at Wanderlust.
  • Amelia Island Wellness Festival The Amelia Island festival is located in Florida November 10-12. Some things to expect at this festival are different workshops of transformation, strength, fitness, yoga, meditation, and more. The goal of this festival is for individuals to leave with a vision to want to begin their personal wellness journey.

What an amazing direction the world is going in to create such amazing spaces for individuals to go to and learn to care for and better themselves through all different means of wellness.

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