3 Massive Reasons Game Night Is Vital For Your Family

game night
Credit: Pixabay.com

Due to hectic work lifestyles and complex school schedules, families often find themselves spending little to no time together let alone having a family game night.

FACT: The average American family spends about 37 minutes of quality time together during the weekends, according to Study Finds.

Not to mention, with the advancements in technology, adults and children spend their spare time on social media. While spending time on screen can be useful for killing boredom, parents need to encourage screen-free ways to curb boredom in kids.

Playing traditional games for at least 30 minutes with the kids is beneficial for the entire family. 

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Creates Room for Bonding

  • In an era where technology is taking more space in households, it is natural to feel as if you are losing touch with your loved ones.
  • Fortunately, you can still bring back game-night by incorporating fun-filled activities for the entire family
  • Simple games like go fish, cheat, pig, or spit are ideal for everyone during family game nights.
  • Introducing a mix of cards and board games creates room for bonding, fun, and relaxation.
  • You and your family will enjoy undivided attention and have space for conversations and discussions.
  • As a result, your family will build a stronger bond and create fond memories together. 

Improves Social and Communication Skills

  • There is little emphasis on face-to-face interactions in a society where everyone spends more time on smartphones.
  • People no longer interact physically, and this can hurt your kid’s social skills.
  • Playing board games is an excellent way of improving communication and core social skills.
  • Through winning, losing, and playing as a team, children and adults develop social skills, boost their communication ability and empathy.
  • For example, when playing card games, kids learn to share turns, shy members of the family get out of the shell, and everyone involved learns to accept defeat when they lose. 

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Game Night Teaches Important Life Skills

  • Winning a board game can be difficult without tactical thinking.
  • For anyone to win, they must plan their strategy.
  • Engaging in board games is a fun way of learning how to strategize, which is a vital life lesson that will benefit your children in every stage of life.
  • Games like UNO, Settlers of Catan, and Monopoly involve working memory, logic, and systematic thinking.
  • During playtime, players must apply critical thinking, make quick decisions, and strategize a step ahead to increase their winning chances.  

Playing board games is not only a fun way of spending family time together. It is a perfect way of teaching children valuable life lessons. Not to mention, kids will learn how to communicate effectively without relying on technology tools; develop social skills, learn empathy and strategies used in every aspect of life.