What Your Venus Sign Says About You

What Your Venus Sign Says About You
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You know your zodiac sign, but do you know your Venus sign? This is how you love and value things and people. Knowing your Venus sign will help you better understand how you approach relationships and show your affection and devotion. The planet Venus itself is named after the goddess of love so it’s no wonder the Venus sign represents the same.

Your Venus sign can tell you many things about yourself, including how you show affection, how you flirt, how you experience pleasure, what value you get from relationships, and how you fall in love. It can even tell you if you are compatible with someone, helping you gain a little perspective on your current relationship.

If you want to know your Venus sign, you can visit a professional astrologer, or you can use a free online calculator. Either one will require your birth date and year, and if you are one of those that’s birth date has fallen on when Venus switches signs, you will need to know the exact time of your birth. It is a wonderful way to get to know yourself.

Now, let’s get into how Venus and your sign co-mingle. Ahead, you will learn what your Venus sign says about you.

Venus in Aries

Your Venus sign is a bold one. When it comes to romance, you know what you want and are happy to take the lead. You tend to focus on your own pleasure, so be careful when it comes to serious relationships and ask your partner what they want as well.

Venus in Taurus

Taurus, you have one of the most beautiful placements and are a ruling planet. You are a truly sensual person, and love showing a ton of affection. You want to indulge in all of the finer things in life and will do your best with a partner that loves doing the same.

Venus in Gemini

You are a communicator and that is your love language. You can talk for hours and find romance with those you can stay up all hours of the night talking to. It might be hard for you to commit to just one person, as you are always curious about what else is out there. Either way, people fall head over heels for you because you are able to connect to them emotionally.

Venus in Cancer

The most important thing to you is feeling secure, especially when it comes to love. You’re not big on casual things as loyalty and commitment are important to you. In order for someone to get close to you, they have to gain your trust. When it comes to romance, a beautiful night cuddling at home is right up your alley.

Venus in Leo

You guys are showstoppers! When you are in love, you want to sing it from the mountain tops. You are open and vocal about your wants and needs, and you need someone that is willing to dote on you a little. When this happens the generosity and warmth pour out of you onto this person.

Venus in Virgo

Sometimes when it comes to love you tend to overthink things. You tend to be the “fixer” in the relationship, sometimes offering criticism when it is not needed. As long as you follow these up with lots of loving explanations then you are golden. You have a way with words, which makes it easy to connect to people emotionally.

Venus in Libra

Venus loves to reside in you Libra! You hate conflict and only want beauty and harmony in your life. So be sure to speak about your needs when it comes to relationships. Don’t shut down just to avoid conflict. In the long run, you will find yourself able to grow closer to your partner by openly communicating.

Venus in Scorpio

Scorpios are intense but they are also very intimate. It’s hard to get close to a Scorpio but once you do, they are committed. Be careful though because once a Scorpio is betrayed in love, their sting is pretty vicious.

Venus in Sagittarius

You are a free spirit who loves nothing more than to be in love. You always say yes to new things and need a partner who goes along with your sense of adventure.

Venus in Capricorn

You are very strategic when it comes to love. Building a firm foundation in a relationship is important to you. You are not really interesting in casual flings, and are usually pretty upfront about your wants and needs.

Venus in Aquarius

When it comes to love, you are very objective and can sometimes come off aloof and distant.

This doesn’t mean you can’t commit. It just means you are not all lovey-dovey. Try and push your own boundaries a little bit and you will be surprised what is out there waiting for you.

Venus in Pisces

You are so dreamy! You believe in fairy tales and happy ever afters. You express this through art, music, and romance. Just be careful as your emotions can be overwhelming for people sometimes.

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