What You Need to Know About Paleo f(x)

What You Need to Know About Paleo f(x)

2018 is the year for wellness and health. Coming up in the next couple of months there are some amazing events happening across the United States. If you love health and fitness and want to meet others who have the same passion, Wellness Festivals are the place to be. One of our favorite Wellness Festivals coming up in the Spring is Paleo f(x). If you are a newbie to festivals, this is one that you need to know more about!

Paleo f(x) is the premier holistic wellness event that covers everything from health, nutrition and fitness to relationships and spirituality, as well as so much more!

Here is what you need to know about Paleo f(x):

  • Where/When: Austin, Texas and it is April 27-29, 2018
  • What exactly is it: Paleo f(x) is the worlds premier holistic wellness event, covering health nutrition, fitness, sustainability, self-development, spirituality, relationships, entrepreneurship, and more! Check it out here.
  • Where can I get tickets: There are 3 different choices in tickets that you can purchase. The VIP choice is the best choice, if gives you the most that you can get out of your time there. You can purchase tickets here.
  • What is the schedule like: The days are jam packed with amazing opportunities for attendees. There are multiple workshops happening simultaneously, so make sure to read through all of them and determine which ones you would like to attend most. The 2018 schedule is coming soon but to get an idea of what the days will look like, click here.
  • What is the venue like? The event is located at the Palmer Events Center in Butler Park which is a 54-acre city park in Austin, right on the lake. It also has a parking garage nearby. Here is the map.
  • Where can I stay: There are many hotels in the surrounding area. The recommended ones are Holiday Inn and Embassy Suites. Find the accommodations list here.
  • What do I do when I get there: There are not physical tickets, you will use your ID number to get in.
  • Can I bring my kids: You can also buy tickets for your children too! Children under 16 are free with a purchase of an adult ticket! Click here for more information. There are two mothers rooms where breast feeding moms can go to feed their children.
  • Can I become an exhibitor? If you have a company that would be beneficial to the Paelo f(x) festival, click here for more information!
  • Who are the speakers? They have announced the 2018 speakers here. Many amazing speakers altogether in the same location.

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