Wellness is a Women’s World

Today’s wellness festival scene is dominated by predominantly women who have a passion for living a healthy life. This may be due to the social element and the ability for women to escape together and enjoy these events together and bond. Yoga tends to be a huge component of wellness festivals as well, which is estimated to be practiced by 72% women in the U.S..

Attendees also seem to fall in the millennial age group with most being college graduates. Seemingly knowledgeable of the importance that a healthy lifestyle has on your overall life outlook and outcomes. Also, knowing that wellness in today’s culture is a status symbol of sorts, representing a high standing socially.

A lot of these women are over weekends of drinking and partying. Old festivals catering to this kind of mentality has become secondary to the overall positive experience and takeaways that come with a quality wellness festival. It is also important to note that communities are created at these events that can last long after the festival has concluded. That is something worth getting involved in for this health conscious generation.

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