Top 10 Home Gadgets

Top 10 Home Gadgets

The best home gadgets are the ones that make your life easier. Gadgets can be weird or fun, but what you want are the ones that save you time, money, or energy. We don’t go in for the newest or craziest gadgets but the ones that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.

The Roomba S9+ Robot Vacuum

This fantastic little robot is a game changer. Roomba’s patented self-emptying technology finally makes robot vacuums feel like you are living in the Jetson age. The robot will vacuum its little heart out and empty itself up to 30 times before you need to change its bag. With Roomba’s new no-go lines through the app, you no longer need to worry about the powerful little vacuum getting stuck around the house.

Roomba also implemented a new D-shaped design for corners and a slower spinning side brush. That means edges are cleaner, and it doesn’t throw the dirt around the house while it vacuums. Testing shows that the new S9 can deep clean carpets like no other robot vacuum, rivaling uprights, and finally becoming the only vacuum you need.

Echo Show

Top 10 Home Gadgets

If you don’t know about Alexas yet, you must have been living under a rock. This smart assistant is hands down the best kitchen gadget. Schedule appointments, set timers, view recipe videos, create and order shopping lists, or just play some music. The Echo Show also allows you to watch videos like YouTube, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

Alexas can also make calls between devices, so when you need your mother to show you how to make spaghetti for the 20th time, it is as simple as saying “Alexa Call Mom.”

See the Echo Show at

Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat

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Smart Thermostats are amazing, and they quickly pay for themselves. Programming your house to heat up as you’re on your way home in the winter or cool down from your phone while you’re in bed is a life saver, but they also save money, by allowing you to set your house to only heat or cool when you are home, quickly paying for themselves.

Ecobees also comes with remote sensors for multilevel houses or if you just want to maintain temperature throughout your home.

Keurig K-Cafe

Top 10 Home Gadgets

Coffee lovers, rejoice. Keurig Coffee has been around for a while, but the new K-Cafe Latte Maker makes your trips to Starbucks a thing of the past. It works just like a standard Keurig with the added bonus of an Espresso setting and a dishwasher-safe milk frother. It is only one button for perfectly frothed Milk and a squirt of flavoring, congratulations you just saved $4 on your Carmel Macchiato. The cold froth makes iced mochas a breeze as well.

Anker Wireless Phone Charger

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Other than the screen, the first part to break on a cell phone is the charging port. Anker’s Wireless Charger works with most phone cases and quickly charges your phone. Just drop it on the charger. If you need your phone, grab it and go. With this home gadget you will never worry about plugging your phone in again.

Ziploc Zip’n’Steam Microwave Cooking Bags

Top 10 Home Gadgets

Steamer Bags will change the way you cook forever. In three minutes you will have perfectly cooked fresh veg. Just toss in your food, add a bit of seasoning and microwave. Cooking vegetables, rice, chicken, or even, fish, are quick and simple. You can also pack your lunch in one and cook it at work, but be careful with this secret or before long the line for the microwave builds up.

D-Link AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender

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It’s 2019 there is no reason to have dead spots in your house. Rather than buying an expensive long range Router that may or may not solve your issue, grab a few Wi-Fi extenders. Even if you only suffer during peak hours, placing one next to a TV allows for a vastly higher quality connection. D-Link is simple to install and gives fast speeds.  

Faberware Splatter Screen

Top 10 Home Gadgets

Splatter Screens are one of the home gadgets you never knew you wanted until you use it. Do you hate cleaning that greasy film on your oven after you cook some delicious bacon? Have you ever burned yourself from attempting to flip vegetables and steaks like a MasterChef? 

Grab a sturdy splatter screen and forget about cleaning your oven. This finely messed screen will stop the hot bits of oil from getting out of your frying pan. It is a gadget so simple yet so elegant. Less mess so there is less time cleaning up. They also work great as spillover lids for boiling water, as well as an excellent makeshift strainer.

Mortar and Pestle

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For thousands of years, mortar and pestles have been used, but seem a little out of place in a modern kitchen. Nothing is further from the truth. Mortar and pestles grind, crush and mix ingredients to the perfect consistency, and they look amazing in the kitchen. The simple tool has millions of uses for cooking or crafting. Also, you get to feel like an alchemist.

Roku Streaming Stick+

Top 10 Home Gadgets

Don’t pay more for a smart TV when for significantly less you can turn any TV into a smart TV. Roku is dominating the market with lighting fast speeds, great support, and universal connectivity.  No longer, will you need to suffer through slow load times, and with voice operations or Alexa and Google home support, the Roku Streaming Stick+ makes watching Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime video simple and easy for the whole family. 

Each of these home gadgets will help make your life easier. Whether it is calling your mom on the Alexa, watching Netflix on the Roku, or just coming home to a clean house thanks to your Roomba. Before long you won’t know what you did without them, especially the Roomba.

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