7 Tips for a Healthy Marriage: The Little Things That Bring Closeness

healthy marriage

Having a healthy marriage should be the first priority for both of you. So, as a couple, don’t be scared to set rules and boundaries. Consider these tips:

1. Touch Each Other Often

Establish a good non-sexual routine for having a good connection with each other. Show your feelings toward each other by holding hands, laying together, sitting on the couch next to each other, and kissing hello and goodbye.

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2. Say I Love You

Saying and hearing these three magical words reassures both parties about their feelings. “I love you” helps to keep your passion alive. If you miss your chance during the day to say these three words, call or text to remind your partner how much you love them.

3. Have Regular Intimacy Dates

A sexual relationship is an important part of your marriage. Couples in their 20s on average have 2-4 times a week, couples in their 30s twice per week, and those in 40-50 once or twice a week.

Pay attention to this frequency and do not let your relationship slip into a routine that does not have that sexual connection as a priority.

healthy marriage

4. Complement Your Partner In Front Of Others

Complementing your partner in social gatherings gives him/her a deep sense of attachment as well as building their self-esteem.

It is also good modeling for your children to have a close relationship, and complementing your partner in front of them demonstrates this.

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5. Regularly Give Each Other Small Gifts

Giving each other small gifts shows your partner how much you care about them. Write an ‘I love you’ note on the mirror before going on a business trip, or get them a special treat from the store.

By surprising your partner and giving them attention you help your marriage to maintain its ongoing connection.

6. Open Your Eyes During Sex

Open your eyes when being sexual. The most romantic and loved and connected moment in your relationship can be looking at each other’s eyes when having an orgasm:

You can have this powerful connection anytime with each other.

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7. Have Regular Weekly Business Dates

In order to keep your relationship alive, set weekly dates to discuss your feelings, and ongoing family issues such as household duties and division of roles.  

By setting business dates to discuss everyday life matters, you can save your date night for romance, rather than it turning into a debate about the mortgage.

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