Throwing a Family Memorial Day Weekend Party

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Memorial Day Weekend, the holiday that infamously kicks off the start of warm weather, is right around the corner on May 25th. While quarantine and stay at home orders will just be in the early stages of lifting, that doesn’t mean a good old fashioned Memorial Day Weekend party is out of the cards. In order to help you get your red, white, and blue on, we’ve compiled our favorite tips and tricks to ensure that your family can throw a great Memorial Day party without having to leave your house or go shopping.

Summer Classics with Pantry Items You Already Have

The perfect BBQ doesn’t have to necessitate a trip to the grocery store. There are many classic summer dishes that you can chef up with items you likely already have. Take these BLT Deviled Eggs, for example. Tossing bacon, onion, and finely sliced tomato on top of a boiled egg is a creative turn on the Deviled eggs that are often hallmarks of a summer BBQ. When it comes to the burgers, quarantine is the perfect time to try new recipes, so why not start with giving your own bread a shot. Take a stab at baking your own loaf or attempt to make your own fluffy hamburger buns. For a fun take on the classic potato salad, you can craft potatoes you likely have laying around in the pantry into these unique potato salad bites.

Memorial Day Weekend Party Cocktails

A red, white, or blue cocktail is the perfect addition to all backyard festivities (that is, those for those who are of age), and many of these cocktails can be thrown together with ingredients you already have at home. Time to break out the grenadine and blue Caraco to concoct the red white and blue layered cocktail, a watermelon margarita, or craft a refreshing and easy red sangria.

Dress the Part

Quarantine is the perfect time for spring cleaning, and that probably includes your closet! Dressing up puts a fun spin on any gathering, even if it’s just in the comfort of your own backyard. Check the back of your closet for the best of your red, white, and blue attire, and your family will be well on their way to a festive gathering.

DIY Decorations

Decorations definitely do not have to come from the store. While quarantine has awoken an appreciation for arts and crafts in many of us, this is the perfect time to sit down together as a family to create simple and easy Memorial Day decorations. Think crafting patriotic paper stars, clothespin wreaths, star lanterns, and watermelon vases. They may not be perfect, but it’s the thought that counts and this can serve as a great family bonding activity during quarantine.

Donate to a Military Charity

While Memorial Day Weekend definitely rouses thoughts of the beginning of summer and warm weather, it’s important to honor its true purpose: acknowledging and thanking brave men and women who have served our country. In this all important time of giving back to others where we can, your family can help out, whether it is financially, with time, or with acts of kindness.

Home for Our Troops, Wounded Warrior Project, The Memorial Day Foundation, and Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society are all great charities to look into in considering how to show appreciation on this day. If finances are tight, consider donating clothing or supplies to a local organization, or even bringing flowers to a veteran cemetery.

Memorial Day in quarantine shouldn’t be any less celebratory and patriotic than it is in a “normal” year. While circumstances are undoubtedly different this year, we can remember the heart of this holiday – remembering those who fight to protect us everyday, and celebrating them with the patriotism they deserve.

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