This Halloween: Pick the wine FIRST! Then go get the candy.

This Halloween: Pick the wine FIRST! Then go get the candy.

I’ve been trolling the web and I keep coming across all these articles about pairing wine with candy.

But I think everyone has it all wrong . The first thing you’re going to do is pick a wine – then you’re going to go raid you’re kids’ candy bowl.

And besides, it makes perfect sense to have a glass of wine handy as you answer the door for trick-or-treaters.   Do you have any idea know how many Donald Trump costumes you’re going to see this year? Heck, you’re going to need to drink. (Just when I thought I was saturated of joker teeth, another costume craze comes around to take its place.)

So pick the wine and THEN match the candy.

What are you feeling like tonight? And it’s not just tonight. We’re talking about the whole darn week because you know that candy lingers. Sometimes I feel like it even multiplies.

Sweet white: Like a Riesling or a Moscato. Then go find the Skittles and the Starbursts. Definitely the Sour Patch Kids. Maybe the candy corn.

Chardonnay: Run – don’t walk — to the candy corn bowl. The primary flavor in candy corn is vanilla and that big buttery chard makes it sing. It’s my favorite if you haven’t noticed. Truth is, I’d even pop champagne with the candy corn. But feel free to grab a Butterfinger, and thanks to the light cookies in a Kit Kat, have one (or 10) of those as well.

But since its Fall, the reds are often a more obvious choice.

Pinot Noir: Pour a pinot and your kids will not be pleased — because you can basically eat the whole bowl. Pinot thankfully works well with most of the candy your ghosts and goblins are going to bring home. So from one of my faves, the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup to the good ol’ Hershey bar, go for it. Oh and how’s this? Red Licorice. Yep. And the added bonus: Works as a straw. Just saying.

Big Reds: If you’re pouring a Cabernet, Zinfandel or big Syrah, then anything chocolate is all yours. Snickers. Hersheys. M&Ms. Tootsie Rolls. Whatever.

Port: Now there are plenty of people out there that will tell you to have port with dark chocolate. And while it’s a pretty fabulous pairing, its not realisitic to me. I’m not going to be sipping port while I’m stuffing my neighbor’s kid’s pillow case with candy.

And a quick note for the folks who need something stiffer.

Whiskey: Go get with the caramel cubes.

Vodka: Pick the pixie sticks and pop rocks (if they’re still legal)

Happy Halloween!!!


And you know I would love to hear your thoughts on this, the wines you are drinking or anything else…so send a quick note!  Thanks!

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