The Mental Side of Wellness

Of all the possible ways in which one can alter their body to function at its absolute best, the mind is the most powerful means of creating positive change.

Yoga and meditation have become so popular and necessary for many because it brings the mind to a state of clarity and calm. Where worries and problems melt away and stress is reduced. This creates some wonderful physiological responses in the body such as lowering of blood pressure, positive hormone release and reduction in anxiety while increasing focus.

More importantly, it allows for a centering of self that can remind you of what is truly important in life. The dissolving of ones self also simultaneously dissolves away the problems. The mindset of an individual has a direct impact on the actual life they live everyday. A large percentage of a persons problems can be directly correlated with their mindset, as negative thinking will bring negative results.

In the end, we must all face the reality and consequences of our choices in this life. If your mind is in the right place, you limit the amount of guilt and resentment you must face when reflecting upon your life.

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