The Homeowner’s DIY Checklist

What does your home say about you? Some psychologists believe that one’s home can act as a window into their soul, revealing interesting details about personality. So the first thing anyone would want to know is ‘how tidy is the house?’. Can the every care and attention, the level of maintenance across the property, or the amount of chips in the wall paint really say anything about the owner’s personality?

Every man’s property is his pride and joy and we should take care of something we have invested so much money it. In the end, the benefits will reveal themselves when it comes to selling. So how can you ensure your house is looked after all year round?

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The more care we put into our homes on a regular basis, the less we have to pay out when something reaches the end of its life and breaks completely.

Here is a homeowner’s DIY checklist (everything you need for the little jobs at the weekend):-

  • Spare bulbs – it’s always handy to have bulbs in the home to keep your lamps, spotlights and ceiling lights running perfectly. Always keep a torch in your cupboard ready for any emergencies.
  • A toolbox – every homeowner should have a toolbox to ensure that they can see to any minor DIY jobs.
  • Wood, glass and metal polishes – different types of surfaces require different kinds of care. There are specialist polishes and cleaners for every type of kitchen or table surface. Regular care is essential.
  • Appliance parts – keep any spares or appliance parts available in your garage or your shed. In case of emergency, you will always have working appliances.
  • Carpet and floor cleaner – floors should be looked after regularly if you want them to stay looking as great as the day they were installed. Carpets can fall victim to stains and ageing whilst wood flooring can become marked and dented over time.
  • Wall/wood paint – sometimes, your walls just need an extra lick of paint to look fresh and new again. Smoke, steam, heat and cold can all influence paint to crack or fade.

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