Telluride Yoga Festival: The Basics

Telluride Yoga Festival: The Basics

Are you looking for a fun summer getaway and want to learn about more health and fitness ideas from experts? The Telluride Yoga Festival is coming up in July and the list of events they have are amazing. Being able to attend an event that allows you to focus on events that solely are calling you is an amazing achievement.

When picking an event to attend, you want to know the basics and what to expect before you purchase the tickets. Being well-prepared for an event like this is imperative since there is a lot of planning that goes into purchasing a ticket and then picking the events, finding a place to stay, etc.

The Basic Facts

Date: July 19-22, 2018

Location: Telluride, Colorado

Tickets: You can purchase tickets here. There are options to buy a 3 day or 4-day pass for the event.

Events: Between speakers and presenters, musicians and more, here is the line up of all of them.

Schedule: The 2018 schedule is being released in March, here is last years schedule, and make sure to check back for this years soon.

Open to the Public: Dont want to buy a pass but want to attend some of the events? They are offering community yoga classes, book signings, and inspirational talks for free.

Additional: Not only is this an amazing event, but in addition to the event, they have other outdoor excursions too! Aerial yoga, paddle boarding, kids yoga, hikes, bike rides, climbing, 5k runs, and much more too!

How to get around: Walking, biking, running, and the gondola are the most common ways to get around. There is a shuttle bus that goes back and forth to the town and hotels. There is also parking right next to the event at the high school.

Map: Here is the map of the location.

Where should I stay? Here is a list of 10 hotels that are participants can stay at. They look spectacular!

Planning to attend this event? Take pictures of the event and tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #wellfestivals

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