Staycation Kansas City: 5 Breaks Your Whole Family Can Enjoy

You might think this staycation Kansas City list is just five BBQ restaurants. It isn’t. And as good as Kansas BBQ is, we’ve found five destinations your whole family can enjoy (even vegans).

Honorable Mentions: Two destinations that should be on your staycation Kansas City to-do list when temporary closures end are the Kaleidoscope and Money Museum. Both are fantastic experiences that will make this top-5, a top-7 in the future. Expect updates on both throughout the year.

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Legoland Discovery Center and the Sea Life Center

We’re throwing these two destinations in together because for $34.95 you can get a ticket to both, and they are both at the Crown Center. Making this pick a fun day out for younger children.

What’s amazing is that both destinations are open despite COVID-19. There are some restrictions, yet many activities remain in full swing. You just need to book online. No walk-in visitors.

So if watching aquatic life is your kids favorite thing, or building Lego racers is something you want to do, both of these destinations should top your staycation Kansas City to-do list.

The Nelson-Atkins Museum Of Art

It’s inevitable, someone in your family, whether an adult or child, will want to visit an art gallery or museum. Normally, it’s an older member of the family looking for a culture fix and if you’re in Kansas City, the #1 destination for culture is the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

According to Google this gem (4.9 out of 5 stars, from nearly 10,000 reviews) is closed. However, they’re a little out-of-date. The museum is open and we’ve got the YouTube welcome back video to prove it. Plus, the video shows the changes post its COVID-19 closure.

And for dads who have little-to-no interest in meandering through the exhibits, you may want to think again. Up until April 2021, there’s an amazing Muhammad Ali exhibition that’s not to be missed.

Top Golf at Overland Park

It’s competitive, it’s a physical activity, and it is super-fun for the whole family. Even those who don’t like golf, like Top Golf. It’s literally bowling, but golf.

So if you and your family need to unwind from the madness, heading to Overland Park should top your staycation Kansas City to-do list.

The great thing about Top Golf is that you can rent a bay, or pay per person, and have time slots so that you can get in, and get out on a schedule. Which is perfect for a staycation schedule on a tight budget.

Kansas City Market

Don’t rule out the market. It’s the ultimate foodie and crafts destination. One that can conjure a genuine family adventure – if you turn it into one.

Try this with your family. Before heading out to the market, set a culinary or crafts task for family members willing to participate, even offer a reward to inspire interest. For example, do a cook-off. Their collective cooking skills vs yours, from ingredients found at the Kansas City Market. Set budget limits and turn a farmers market into a competition. The best dish at the end of the day gets something you know participants want.

With the right incentives, a visit to the market and cooking (or crafts) at home can become one of the best staycation Kansas City, or any city ideas, no matter your budget limitations. So always remember to check out what’s on at the market when planning things-to-do.

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Jacob L. Loose Park

In this era of lockdowns, getting out and about is vital. So no staycation Kansas City list is complete without at least one park. And our pick is Loose Park.

It’s not the biggest park Kansas City has to offer but it is packed full of points of interest, whether wandering around the rose garden, the memorials, seeking out the tennis courts, or baseball diamonds. There’s something you and your family can do, and most importantly, you’ll be active and having fun at the same time.

Tip: We recommend reserving a shelter if you’re planning on taking a picnic to Loose Park as it can get busy.

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