Staycation Houston: 11 Family-Friendly Ideas For 2020

Staycation Houston - Houston Zoo
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Have you taken the time to explore the wonders of your own city? If not, and you live in Houston, Texas, it’s time to take your family on the ultimate hassle-free break with these 11 perfect “staycation Houston” ideas.

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1. Hermann Park

Hermann Park is one of the first places you should visit in Houston. It is a 445-acres, making it the most prominent park in Houston.

Houston Zoo, Miller Outdoor Theater, and many more top venues on this list are inside Hermann Park. There is a statue placed at the entrance of one of Houston’s founders, General Sam Houston.

2. Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo is located in the middle of Hermann Park, covering around 55-acres. It is home to more than 6,000 exotic pets, and protects more than 900 different species.

This Zoo is considered the best maintained Zoo in the United States. It is also one of the most visited Zoos of the country.

3. Miller Outdoor Theatre

Staycation Houston - Miller Outdoor Theatre
Credit: Deepak Bawa / Wiki Commons

The Miller Outdoor Theatre is one of Houston’s top spots for performing arts. Free performances run 8-months of the year, from March to October.

It offers a divergent collection of professional entertainment, including dance, ballet, classical films, classical music, jazz, etc.

4. Space Center Houston

The number one attraction amongst international visitors to Houston is the Space Center. The center includes more than 500 aircraft and artifacts that are exhibited seasonally every year. Space Center Houston is owned by NASA and is operated by a non-profit organization.

Many items on show are one of a kind and give a unique glimpse into the historic space shuttle era. The center also gives lectures suitable for all ages, so if science and technology interest your kids then this stop should be at the top of your staycation Houston list.

5. Kemah Boardwalk

The Kemah Boardwalk is considered the best boardwalk in the country. This 60-acre gulf coast theme park also includes gardens and restaurants. Plus, it’s only 20-minutes away from downtown Houston.

Best of all, walking around the boardwalk is free. So there’s no expensive entry fee, only those seeking the thrills of the rides will need to pay for tickets.

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6. Houston Museum of Natural Science

Staycation Houston - Houston Museum of Natural Science
Credit: Agsftw / Wiki Commons

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is one of the most attended museums of the country. It houses the Wortham Giant Screen Theater, the Cockrell Butterfly Center, the Burke Baker Planetarium, and much more.

The exhibit areas in the museum include astronomy, science, space, energy, gems, and chemistry. Plus, the museum houses many rare artifacts from history.

7. Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

The Houston Arboretum & Nature Center is located next to the Memorial Park, and its around 155-acres. It’s a serene destination, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Giving you and your family the chance to enjoy natures beauty.

Many parts of the center are free to explore, offering the ideal locale for some family quiet time while on your staycation Houston adventure.

8. Downtown Aquarium

The Downtown Aquarium in Houston was once a fire station and waterworks buildings. It is now a six-acre tourist attraction, consisting of several floors and 500,000-gallons of water.

The Aquarium has more-than 300-species of aquatic life and really is the perfect place to take your family on a zero-danger underwater adventure. Plus, it includes amusements and a restaurant.

9. The Historic Strand District

Staycation Houston - The Strand
Credit: Evan / Wiki Commons

The Historic Strand District of Houston is the place to be for century old architecture, antique shops, galleries, and museums.

From the Texas Seaport Museum to the Dickens on the Strand festival, this is one location that can fill up a few days during your staycation Houston family outing.

10. The Woodlands Resort

Let’s be honest, a Houston staycation doesn’t mean a rushed day out. It can mean treating yourself to a fantastic resort experience, just without the madness of long-haul travel.

One of the best available is The Woodlands Resort. It has something for everyone. From a pampering spa to a pool complex. It even has two on-site golf courses. Top all that with top-rated food set in the Piney Woods. What more could you possibly want in a family break?

11. Memorial City Mall

A mall visit on a staycation list might seem weird, yet sometimes retail therapy is better than all the treatments you can get on a spa trip.

The Memorial City Mall could offer you the ultimate staycation experience in Houston. You’ve already saved a fortune by not spending on flights, hotels, or transfers. So spend big on those luxury items you want and have the ultimate Houston staycation experience and treat yourself.

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