Staycation Colorado: 11 Family-Friendly Ideas In 2020

Staycation Colorado - Steam train journey Durango
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If you live in the Centennial State and are looking for a break that won’t empty your bank, why not try one or all of our 11 “staycation Colorado” ideas?

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Grand Lake

Grand Lake sits next to the largest natural lake in Colorado and is quite a popular choice to foreign travellers. In winters, Grand Lake serves as a snow hub, where visitors rent cross country skis, sledges and snowshoes.

If the great outdoors is your thing, then this staycation destination offers the perfect day out fishing, bike-riding, hiking, and even ATV driving.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs attracts people from all over the world. One of the main attractions is Pikes-Peak mountain.

In Colorado Springs hiking and biking is a way of life, so if visiting on your staycation remember to bring good walking shoes and plenty of supplies.

Estes Park

Staycation Colorado Ideas - Estes Park
Credit: Regan5980 / Pixabay

Take in the sites of Estes Park on a train tour, or rent a jeep for one of its many off-road trails.

Going on an adventure in Estes Park really should top your staycation Colorado ideas list.

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If on your staycation you want the best of nature and city amenities, head to Boulder. It’s located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains so you’ll never be far without a cell signal while looking at beautiful backdrops and considering which activity to do next.

Crested Butte

Take a free bus tour to Crested Butte Mountain, and explore the countless activities, festivals, and celebrations.

In the summer the view of the mountains is amazing and downhill mountain biking becomes all of the rage. In winter, mountain bikes are replaced by skis. It really is a staycation Colorado idea perfect for any time of year.

Beaver Creek

If you’re all about snow sports then head to Beaver Creek. It’s perfect for teenagers, it has luxurious facilities, and offers reasonable priced ski and snowboard rentals.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Staycation Colorado ideas - Rocky Mountain National Park
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Put this destination high on your staycation Colorado to-do list because its one of the most majestic (and most visited) National Parks in the United States.

The Rocky Mountain National Park is easiest visited in the summer because there will be less snow blocking roads, but during fall, when leaves are golden, the scenery is spectacular.

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The Snowmass Resort

If you’re willing to spend some money on a resort, then the Snowmass Resort is word-class.

Located in the mountains and perfect for a skiing family. If you go in warmer seasons, the resort also offers biking, hiking trails, zip-lining and much more for the activity-hungry family.


If you want a unique experience head to Telluride. A town full of history that’s visible the moment you arrive.

This destination is rich in activities, from hiking to skiing, plus it has one of the most beautiful free-falling waterfalls in the state, Bridal Veil Falls.

Plus, if you do head to Telluride, put the free chairlift ride up to a mountain village on your staycation Colorado to-do list. The scenery on that ride is unforgettable.

Glenwood Springs

Staycation Colorado: 11 Family-Friendly Ideas In 2020
Credit: Pikist

If you want nature and relaxation and don’t mind spending, Glenwood Springs should top your staycation Colorado to-do list.

This resort city is packed with hot springs and spa facilities for those in your family who want to put their feed up. For those wanting excitement, Glenwood Caverns offers roller coasters, canyon swings, and ancient underground caves.


Why not try something a little different and take a trip on a steam train that passes through mountains and canyons, or visit a power plant that’s become a science center?

If a day out that feels like the old Wild West, in a city that’s family-friendly is high on your staycation Colorado wish list, Durango is your perfect destination.

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