Screwtop Wines Are Here To Stay — So Drink ‘Em!

Screwtop Wines Are Here To Stay -- So Drink 'Em!

You can no longer eschew a screwtop.

Granted, there was a time when it was associated with the supermarket jug wine.  But no more.  Aside from easy open and close, the caliber of the wines has been amped up. Not to mention, these are the perfect bottles to bring to the beach, BBQ or picnic.

So I stopped back at Zachys Wine and Liquor, in Scarsdale, NY to taste some with my friend, Andrew McMurray.

And while we have come to expect that some white wines will have a screwtop, you’ll be surprised that there are some quality reds using them now too.

Just remember oxygen can’t get thru a screw top.  So you can’t age them.  But thats ok. There is a time and a place for a more immediate wine.

We tasted six wines together — all were great.  One was even a Bordeaux.  And while I know that sounds nuts, even France is catching on.  The screwtop is here to stay…so embrace it.

(Oh — and the dinging you may hear is from me accidentally hitting my glass on the spit bowl as I was emptying it.  My fault for not just finishing it.)

Here are the screwcap wines we tasted:


Raats Original Chenin Blanc 2014 — Had minerality and fruit

Vinho Verde Muros Antigos 2014 — Brightness on the nose and a little effervescence

Samas Bianco Agricola Punica 2014 — From an island off the coast of Italy, mostly Vermentino


Dutton Goldfield Spectrum Red — Blend of Syran and Zinfandel — swear

Bordeaux Petit Chapeau 2014 — Yep, Bordeaux, ’nuff said

Tintonegro Malbec Uco Valley 2013 — Taste the fruit on the middle of your tongue. Yum.

Cent’ Anni.

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