10 Screen-Free Ways to Curb Boredom In Kids

Curb Boredom In Kids
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If you are trying to curb boredom in kids, it’s always easy to put a screen in front of them and let the electronic screens do all work of keeping them entertained. Too much screen time can cause behavioral problems in children when they spend too much time on them. We have listed some activities you can do with your children, whether it be indoors, outdoors, or going to places. 

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Outdoor Activities 

If you are trying to get the kids outdoors and off the screen, try these fun activities that interest a kid. 

1. Scavenger Hunts 

Planning out a scavenger hunt can be fun and relaxed not only for you but for the kids as well. You see the wheels in their head turning trying to figure out each clue. You can do it from your house. You have them go to different parts of the house to find the clue. If you want to make it enjoyable, you can put the hints at their favorite places around town, and each direction will be the place the next tip is at. 

2. Pool Party 

10 Screen-Free Ways to Curb Boredom In Kids
Credit – Peter Idowu – Unsplash

You can get a small kid’s size pool and some sprinklers and enjoy the spring outdoors. The kids can run around playing in the water, and you can sit back, stick your feet, and enjoy it with them. You find a kid pool for cheaper at Walmart, or try going to the family dollar. Sometimes they have sprinkler sets in cool designs like a whale or unicorn. 

3. Obstacle Course 

You can make an obstacle course, whether outside or indoors, using the things you have in your home. If you are doing it indoors, you can use the couch cushion for them to jump on, toys to dodge, and any other items you can think of. Outside can be more fun because they can run around if you have a yard, and you can make it bigger with different things for the kids to do. 

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Indoor Activities 

Weather can sometimes affect what your kids will choose to do. If you want to keep them off the screen, you can try these activities if there is no way to get outside.  

4. Make slime 

Slime is so popular that there are kits for making the perfect slime. You can get all kinds of different kits if you want to make glow-in-the-dark slime, foam slime, bead bomb slime, and more. They can make all kinds of dirt and see the different textures they make with each slime. 

5. Fun in the Kitchen 

10 Screen-Free Ways to Curb Boredom In Kids
Credit – Annie Spratt – Unsplash

Baking is a great way to get the kid’s hands dirty, but they also enjoy it when they can eat it afterward. Baking cupcakes can be enjoyable because they can design them afterward with different kinds of frosting colors, sprinkles, and anything else in the baking aisle.

6. Arts and Crafts 

A good arts and crafts day can take up most of the day if you want something to entertain the kids for a while. You can pick up some canvases, paper, paint, crayons, markers, stickers, and tablecloths. Put the tablecloth on the table or floor where the kids will be doing art. That way, nothing gets on the floor or table, and have them make you a beautiful picture. 

7. Board Games 

10 Screen-Free Ways to Curb Boredom In Kids
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Plenty of funny and cool board games to play with your kids. One that is a kid’s favorite is Pie Face. You put whipped cream in hand, and if you spin a number, you have to crank the level that number of times. You want to try and not get pie in the face because then you lose.  It is a fun game to play, and everyone will laugh. 

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Places to go 

Sometimes taking kids out of the house occasionally can be a good to push them to get off anything with a screen. They may need a different scenario than being outdoors or doing something inside. 

8. Sky Zone or any indoor trampoline place

An indoor trampoline place is excellent for kids to burn off some energy during spring break. Their tons of locations that have either a Sky Zone or something similar to it. They can jump all around the trampolines and do any games and activities they are doing that day. Once you leave, they will be so tired. Don’t be surprised when they fall asleep on the way home. 

9.  Go Bowling 

10 Screen-Free Ways to Curb Boredom In Kids
Credit – Evgeniy Alyoshin – Unsplash

Going bowling can be enjoyable. You can make it a playdate and invite any of the kid’s friends’ parents to join. That way, it will get more than your kids out of the house, and it will be fun for them to be around kids their age, especially ones they go to school with or live in the neighborhood. 

10. Go Mini Golfing

There are tons of mini-golfing places all over. You need to find the closest one to you to take the kids. It is a fun place to take the kids, and mini golfing has an excellent different way they set up the course, so it is always exciting and can keep them entertained. Each golf hole is different from the next, challenging the kids to get the ball in the hole in a short amount of hits. 


Having kids spend time away from electronic screens can be a healthy development. Thankfully there are plenty of fun activities that children can participate in. Children will not realize they have spent most of the day away from electronic devices when they are having too much fun elsewhere. 

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