Private Label Wine: The Secret Inside

Private Label Wine: The Secret Inside

Ever wonder how private label wine is made?

We went to Gary’s wine Gary’s Wine & Marketplace in Wayne, NJ, to find out.  Founder and CEO Gary Fisch and his team, Lisa Justice, who runs the private label portfolio and Jon Visser, direct of e-commerce, were tasting the samples that would eventually end up of as one of their wines.  And we got to hop in on the experiment.  Super fun!  So listen below.

Fisch’s private label is called Go Figure.  (You get the GF part, right?)

Now don’t shy away from private labels.  They can be a great way to offer customers amazing wines a lower costs, especially if there was a good growing season.  Many wineries will only produce a certain amount of cases each year, regardless of how many grapes they have.  But that’s just good marketing – if make too much and  flood the shelves with your wine, it will no longer seems prestigious and sought after.

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But wineries still need to make money.  So what do they do with all those extra grapes? They sell them to guys like Fisch or Carmine’s restaurants as another example, which also has its own private label wines.

Fisch gets the grapes at a reasonable price and doesn’t have to put a premium on the price. So its a win-win for everyone.

So listen in as we go through the tasting process for the final wine.


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