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6 Insta-famous pets you should follow now

Is your fluffy friend already sharing its daily adventures on its own Instagram account? Many pets — including dogs, cats, birds and even pigs and turkeys — have developed a following on the social media service. 

A perfect showcase for cute and cuddly creatures, the image-sharing platform allows animal lovers to post everything from daily walks in the park to their cherished companion donning holiday attire. But these Insta-celebs can also inspire and educate by showing how some pets have triumphed over adversity or by bringing attention to the plight of shelter animals. 

Read on to learn more about six animals popular on Instagram:


When Squish arrived at a shelter in 2016, he was found to have suffered from serious head injuries, The Dodo reported. But his caretakers wouldn’t let him down. One of his veterinarians in Ohio bonded with him and decided to give him a forever home. 

The perfectly imperfect rescue pup now promotes adoption and spreads happiness, one Squishy smile at a time, his Instagram account states.


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Photo: @bertha_birdie/Instagram

Bertha, formerly known as Monica, came to a rescue as an overweight Chihuahua. But her new mom took on her weight loss journey and Bertha grew into a healthy senior pup, who now lives in California with her cat brother.


Chloe is an orange rescue cat, who’s only able to use two of her four legs. As shown on her Instagram account, the disability hasn’t affected Chloe’s quality of life. The content feline can climb cat trees all by herself and enjoys surprising her brother with playful smacks.  

“Gliding down our hall and into your heart,” her Instagram account says.


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Monty was born with a chromosome abnormality and adopted from an animal shelter when he was 3 years old. His family hopes to raise “attention to the fact that looking different doesn’t mean you can’t be fantastic.”


Lilou is an airport therapy pig, certified through the San Francisco SPCA. She can be seen comforting travelers at San Francisco International Airport. The pig was born in Michigan three years ago and moved to California a couple of months later.


Do you already follow a turkey on Instagram? Blossom was saved from a commercial turkey farm in the U.S. and now posts about her life with a dog called Minnow, who was rescued from a meat farm in South Korea.

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