The 10 Most-Searched Celebrity Skincare Routines, According To Google

celebrity skincare routines

There’s just something so fascinating about celebrity skincare routines. Getting any insight into the medicine cabinets and vanities of Hollywood’s most beautiful feels super exclusive, while also allowing fans to get to know them in a more personal way. So, it’s no surprise that celebrity beauty routines are a major internet search trend — however, you might be surprised just how high the stats are.

Using Google tools, Australian beauty retailer RY conducted research to find the most highly searched celebrity skincare routines. And while could definitely see some of these glowy, never-seem-to-age faces (ahem, J.Lo) coming, others threw us a major curve-ball. Read on to discover the top 10 most sought-after celebrity skincare routines, broken down by the number of annual searches.

The Most Popular Celebrity Skincare Routines

10. Bella Thorne: 9,950 annual searches

Bella Thorne practically broke the internet with the all-natural, DIY skincare routine that she shared with Harper’s Bazaar in 2019. One particular cringe-worthy step was a homemade facial scrub using lemon juice, sugar, and olive oil. “I started using it on my new assistant,” the now 23-year-old said. “He just loves it so much. It makes his skin so smooth.”

9. Kendall Jenner: 11,260 annual searches

While Kendall Jenner is arguably one of the most beautiful people in the world, the model and reality star has been open about her struggle with acne. In 2019, she told Bustle that she’s battled breakouts since high school, but managed to get it under control by using Proactiv. “I love that I can be vulnerable in this situation and show people that I’m human, too,” Jenner said. “And I hopefully can set a sort of example that it’s OK, and everyone deals with stuff like this.”

8. Meghan Markle: 15,440 annual searches

Despite the fact that she’s a literal royal, Meghan Markle is surprisingly chill about her beauty routine. Per an archived interview with Beauty Banter, she loves high-end brands like Kate Somerville, where she gets facials, but the former Suits actress also loves a good makeup wipe — specifically, Biore Cleansing Cloths. “They’re great to keep in the car and on your nightstand when you have those horribly lazy nights that the thought of getting up to actually wash your face seems unbearable,” she told the outlet.

7. Jennifer Aniston: 22,300 annual searches

The secret to Jennifer Aniston’s flawless skin is way simpler than you might think. In a 2019 cover story for InStyle, the actress said that she’s had the same skincare routine for decades — the key element being a moisturizer. “…My mom told me to start moisturizing when I turned 15,” she told the magazine. “I’ve been using Aveeno since I was a teenager.” (She is now a spokesperson for the brand.) However, even she isn’t immune to the lure of skincare trends like facial rollers. “It feels so damn good to put oil on your face and just roll,” she said.

6. Jessica Alba: 22,600 annual searches

The 40-year-old actress is well known for her glowing, youthful complexion, but she actually struggles from sensitive skin that’s been prone to dryness and breakouts. This is what led her to create Honest Beauty, a collection of clean beauty products. She credits her improved skin to a simple routine consisting of clean products and self-care.

“I do a face mask every morning, and it just wakes my skin up and forces me to do my multi-step skincare routine, she told Elle. “Even though it’s only four steps, it allows me to stop, breathe, and take time for myself, to not have to be a mom or the boss or a wife or friend.” She also swears by movement, skincare tools, crystals, and regular facials with her facialist, Shani Darden.

5. Miranda Kerr: 25,950 annual searches

In addition to being a supermodel, Miranda Kerr is also a skincare wiz. Her beauty brand, Kora Organics, has risen to the top of the clean beauty world. When it comes to her own routine, Kerr says that the thing consistency is key. “I really feel like the most important thing is to find what products work for you and give your skin the results you need,” she told Glamour earlier this year. “And I really feel like I have noticed a big difference in my skin when I am consistent with my routine.”

4. Paris Hilton: 36,500 annual searches

It makes sense why people are curious about Paris Hilton’s skincare secrets — at 40 years old, she hardly looks any different than she did in the early oughts. Unsurprisingly, Hilton’s routine is anything but minimal. In a video with Harper’s Bazaar in 2019, she revealed her 12-step nighttime regimen, which includes products from her own skincare line ProD.N.A., as well as gadgets like the FOREO eye massager, an LED mask, and a $2,000 LED LightStim machine. “I’ve been taking care of my skin and obsessed with skincare ever since I was seven years old,” she says. “My mom taught me everything I know.”

3. Kylie Jenner: 49,100 annual searches 

Long before she launched her makeup and skincare empire, Kylie Jenner was “skinfluencing.” In 2015, she spoke about her love for Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado, causing it to skyrocket in sales. Jenner went on to face some backlash for botching a face-washing demo of her new Kylie Skin products, as well as for featuring a walnut face scrub, which skincare enthusiasts said was too harsh for the face (via Glamour).

2. Jennifer Lopez: 50,800 annual searches 

The seemingly ageless star recently unveiled her very own skincare line, JLo Beauty. In an 8-minute tutorial on IG, the 51-year-old detailed her nighttime skincare routine, which only includes three of her product: That Hit Single Cleanser, That JLo Glow Serum, and That Blockbuster Wonder Cream.

Lopez also opened up to Glamour about speculation that she’s had Botox. “I’m not that person. I don’t have anything against people doing that; it’s just not my thing,” she said. “I’m more about a natural approach to skin care. I think it starts first, honestly, with who you are on the inside and that shows on your face on the outside. That’s number one.”

1. Rihanna: 51,680 searches 

As the founder of hugely popular makeup and skincare brand Fenty Beauty (and certified glowing goddess), it’s not exactly surprising that Ri Ri tops this list of celebrity skincare routines. In a recent video on her brand’s YouTube channel, the singer and entrepreneur shared her nighttime skincare routine, which included Fenty Skin’s Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream. She calls the product her “magic potion”, saying, “Over time, your skin looks so much more even and toned. Even the texture of your skin improves so much.” We’re sold.

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