6 Luxury RVs With Mind-Blowing Features

Luxury Rvs
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If money is no option then these luxury RVs offer the ultimate experience. From ridiculously over-the-top features like having a built-in garage to RVs doubling as a boat.

We’ve included six of the most outrageously luxury RVs on the market that have to be seen to be believed.

6. The Marathon Coach H3-45 – From $2.5-million

  • Featuring a fireplace, TV, luxurious furniture, and a state of the art audio system, the Marathon Coach, is top of the line comfort and one of the most luxurious RVs available.
  • It’s so luxurious that many famous racers choose this camper as their home away from home while on the circuit.
  • It includes an underfloor heating system, EXPEL front protective shield, 49” 4K resolution LED TV and a blacked-out coach with rub rails and black wheels.
  • The ceiling comes with an “Infinity” design with frameless lighted panels.

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5. Country Coach Veranda 400 – From $209,995

  • Are you the kind of person who enjoys spending time on your porch? Do you love watching people pass by from the comfort of your own lodgings? If so, the Veranda 400 might be for you.
  • This fantastic RV features a full sliding door on the side that opens up to your own balcony.
  • It has a 625 HP Caterpillar engine, luxurious furnishing, and state of the art technology throughout.
  • The Veranda 400’s 45-foot exterior is a sight to behold.

4. The Terra Wind – From $850,000

  • If you have ever dreamed of owning an RV that can double as a river cruiser, the Terra Wind is for you.
  • Offering an average speed of 80 mph on land and 7 knots on water, this RV leaves mouths ajar whether on land or water.
  • A few other features include a 6-foot swim deck, GPS, tons of leather, and all major appliances like refrigerators, washers, etc.
  • Honestly, we thought this RV-boat would cost double.

3. The Motorhome Futuria – From $799,995

  • As the name suggests, this modern RV comes straight from the future. With a sports car in the garage, a Jacuzzi on the roof, and a lot of entertaining gadgets.
  • The main space features a lounge, two-unit air conditioning, microwave, coffee machine, and loudspeakers.
  • The trailer is available in the form of a semi-tractor offering a rear garage and a mirrored ceiling.
  • This is one imposing RV that looks custom-built by someone who loves Mad Max and luxury.

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2. The Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo – From $3-million

  • Put the features to one side for a second and just look at the cab.
  • Included in this RV are a private bar, lounge, pop-up roof terrace, and practically every gadget imaginable.
  • This RV is for the ridiculously rich who have to make a statement.
  • And again, look at that cab. It’s something from a science-fiction movie.

1. The Mercedes-Benz Zetros – From $1-million

  • Originally built for military off-road missions, this camper’s full potential was exploited by two entrepreneurs from Mongolia who purchased a custom-version of the trailer.
  • It features a fold-out outdoor shower, central air conditioning, a Bose surrounds audio system, a 46-inch flat TV screen, and much more.
  • Best of all, it looks like it can handle anything thrown at it and suitable for serious adventurers.

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