5 Ideas for a Fantastic Date Night In

Looking for a way to spice up your at-home date night? Curious about how to make a night at home romantic?

date night

When thinking about a date night I am drawn to this piece of advice:

“Your family is the house and the parents are the foundation. A husband and wife need to always work on their relationship to keep the foundation, and therefore the family, strong.”

That is perhaps the best advice my mother ever gave me.

Focusing on your spouse is far easier before you increase your household. Once you throw kids into the mix, life can become very hectic. Between the cost of a babysitter and the price of movie tickets, getting out of the house isn’t always the easiest.

Luckily, there are several “date night in” ideas to connect with your spouse once the kids are in bed:

1. Game Night

The idea of ‘game night’ as a date night may induce images of a family around a table with a never-ending Monopoly game causing tensions to rise.

The point of game night is to relax and have fun. Maybe trade in Monopoly for a few rounds of Mario Kart. If one person is into video games, it is a great opportunity to show interest in their hobby and get a view into that aspect of their life.

If video games are not your thing, invest a few bucks in a deck of cards or two, there are entire lists of games to play with your spouse. You can even increase the stakes by creating a rule where the loser has to do a disliked chore.

Either way, the fun and laughter you share will fight off the stress of the day-to-day while also spending time with one another.

2. Cocktail Night

Do you miss meeting up on the weekend for a night out? Make it more personal by coming up with a cocktail that you can create at home.

Not only will you two create something together, but it will give you the feeling of being out from the comfort of your home:

Light a candle and it’s better than the new swanky cocktail bar in town!

3. Two-Person Book Club

Your own private book club is a great way to do something together for a date night even when you are apart.

Specify a time each week (or day!) to discuss updates.

There are several sites that offer book club questions that you can print and use to facilitate conversation.

4. Follow a Series

This may not seem like the most romantic idea, but finding a common interest (aside from your children) and carving time out of your week to spend together is important.

So what if it’s Sir David Attenborough narrating Planet Earth or Gordon Ramsey attempting to fix yet another kitchen disaster that you are bonding over?

Sharing these moments also invites an opening to other conversations whether it’s tastes, travel desires, or anything in between.

5. Home Chef

If you cook regularly at home, this may not seem like a novel idea.

Yet, instead of going solo, when you plan a meal, and cook it together, the process changes completely.

Pair that with the romantic meal for two at the end and you may find that it’s even better than a date night out at your favorite restaurant.


Ultimately, what is important for your date night is that you are doing something together.

Finding a way to have fun and communicate will make your bond stronger and keep your relationship healthy enough for the whole family to benefit from!

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