How to Stay Organized for a Successful School Year

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It’s almost time to start preparing for a new school year. Starting as early as mid August, college students everywhere will return to class and it’s never too soon to start preparing. Here are some tricks and tips on how to stay organized for a stress free school year! 

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Start with a daily planner

One of the best tools for students is a quality daily planner. It’s a great resource for scheduling tests, appointments and social events. Being human means people can be forgetful. Form the habit of checking your planner each morning so you never miss an important deadline or spend time scheduling your busy week so you can relax on the weekend. Another helpful tip for returning students is to develop a daily routine. You can use your planner to help keep you on track. When you implement healthy daily activities, such as walking to class, or going to the gym, they become habits. This can decrease stressful situations and set yourself up for success. 

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Make time for yourself!

Our next tip is to make time for you. The best part about college is having friends around you all the time. There’s rarely a minute when something fun isn’t going on with your group. However constantly socializing and being on the go can wear you down. It is important to leave you-time in the day to relax and reflect. This time could be spent catching up on a netflix show, taking a walk, or enjoying another activity alone. 

Keep things tidy

Another helpful tip? Make your bed. This might seem insignificant but setting the tone for the rest of your day is important. Getting up in the morning and doing something productive can be an excellent mood booster. It feels so much better climbing into a fresh bed at night vs an unmade one. Making your bed also creates a clean environment without clutter that’s easy to relax in. Finally, getting enough sleep is our final word of advice. Almost all college students struggle to get the recommended 7-9 hours a night. Those that do could have more energy, make healthier choices, and experience less stress. A full night’s rest is necessary to perform well the next day.  

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The new school year is full of fun and exciting opportunities. Take full advantage of all that is offered by staying organized and taking care of yourself. Above all set in place healthy and organized habits that will allow you to enjoy college as much as possible!

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