5 Tips For How To Drain A Tooth Abscess At Home

Every parent and partner should know how to drain a tooth abscess at home. Or at least know how to reduce the pain a tooth abscess causes:

What is a tooth abscess?

An abscess is an infected pocket that can develop in any part of the tooth or gum. It is also known as a dental abscess and can happen when a tooth gets broken, chipped, or starts to decay.

It is a fairly common issue and can cause swelling and toothache. If left untreated, this infection can spread to the gums and the bone of the jaw and mouth as well:

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While a tooth abscess should be treated by a dentist, there are home remedies that can help relieve discomfort and stress. Here are five tips on how to drain a tooth abscess at home:

1. Rinse with Saltwater

Rinsing your mouth with salt water is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of getting some relief from an abscessed tooth. Using a saltwater rinse can also help enhance wound healing and promote healthy gums.

Here are the steps on how to do a saltwater rinse:

  1. Warm half a cup of water.
  2. Mix half a teaspoon of normal table salt into the warm water.
  3. Rinse your mouth with this salt water.
  4. Swish the water around in your mouth for at least two minutes, making sure that it reaches all the corners of the mouth.
  5. Spit out the water.

A saltwater rinse can be done up to three times a day.

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2. Using a cold compress

In case of a tooth abscess, a cold compress will work well to reduce both swelling and pain. Try to use a cold compress in the following manner:

  1. Place some ice cubes in a dry towel.
  2. Now press this compress against your skin near the affected tooth.
  3. Hold the compress for as long as you are able to bear the cold.

You can use a cold compress multiple times a day.

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How To Drain A Tooth Abscess At Home
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3. Use baking soda to drain a tooth abscess

When it comes to draining a tooth abscess at home, baking soda can prove to be an affordable option. And it is a substance that most people already have in their kitchen cabinets. Baking soda is also an excellent remedy for removing plaque from the mouth as it has strong antibacterial properties.

Here’s how to use baking soda to treat an abscessed tooth at home:

  1. Mix half a tablespoon of baking soda into half a cup of water and a pinch of salt.
  2. Swish this mixture around in your mouth for at least five minutes.
  3. Spit it out and keep repeating until you finish the mixture.

This remedy of rinsing your mouth with baking soda can be repeated up to two times a day.

4. Get relief with oregano essential oil

Oregano oil is a potent antioxidant and antibacterial. Applying it to the affected tooth can help bring down the swelling and reduce the pain caused by an abscessed tooth. However, it is important to note that you must dilute any essential oil with another carrier oil before applying it. This prevents any type of irritation.

Here’s how to use oregano essential oil to treat tooth abscesses at home:

  1. Mix a couple of drops of oregano essential oil with around one ounce of any carrier oil.
  2. Apply a few drops of this mixed oil to a cotton ball.
  3. Hold the cotton ball or swab on the infected area of the tooth for at least three to four minutes.
  4. Remove the cotton ball and let the mixture remain on the tooth for at least 10 minutes.
  5. After 10 minutes, rinse out your mouth.

This remedy can be repeated up to three times a day.

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5. Clove essential oil

Clove oil is one of the best natural remedies for toothache. It is known to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is sold in diluted forms as well as very concentrated forms of clove essential oil. If you are using clove oil in its concentrated form, remember to dilute it by mixing 3 to 5 drops of the oil in an ounce of any other carrier oil.

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Clove essential oil can be used in many ways, including:

  1. Apply diluted clove oil to the affected tooth by placing a few drops on a cotton ball.
  2. Make a mouthwash of clove oil by putting a few drops into a glass of water. Rinse your mouth with this DIY mouthwash.

You can use clove oil up to three times a day.

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