How to discover true community, true friendship by being Unfriended

How to discover true community, true friendship by being Unfriended

Mr. Rogers asked a question at the beginning of his iconic children’s television program, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” It’s a simple song with a profound message—a message about community, about friendship. And it struck a chord with youngsters taking those first steps into building a social network.

But today Mr. Roger’s neighborhood is anything but sociable or friendly—thanks in large part to social media. We live in an age where our self-worth is determined by Facebook “likes” and Instagram “hearts.” Careers and friendships can be ended in 140 characters or less.

The social networks that were meant to bring us together, have in fact made us less sociable. We have become a nation in search of community. Joe Battaglia does a masterful job addressing these issues in Unfriended. And he puts us on the right path to finding true community. “Social media may establish a form of communication, but it cannot establish true community,” Joe tells us.

Unfriended is a deep dive into simple truths that can foster a community that will make a difference and impact lives for the Kingdom. Along the way, Joe compels us to “unfriend” bad habits that might set up roadblocks to building community—from scapegoating to political wrangling.

Joe’s book is not for the fainthearted. He tackles political correctness and the cultural morass that has infested our nation. And he challenges us to engage in a bit of spiritual soul searching. All that to say, Joe has crafted a terrific book that explores a fascinating topic—how to discover true community, true friendship by being Unfriended.

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